HoS Application - Munien (Elijah Retluoc)
I've been able to play Security a bit more lately and i'l say it's always good to see them in the force, they bring an even headedness and calm demeanour to Sec but also a certain light heartedness. They're reliable and they're fun so i'm confident in giving this a +1
Elijah has been a pretty good sec officer every round I've seen him. I do understand the critique that he doesn't stand out, but he's still good at his job either way. +1
Elijah is a great officer, well rounded, knows rights from wrongs, great on comms.  Finally got a good amount of games with them so I can say for sure.  Would like to see them as HoS!

Elijah is someone you can trust to handle things and rely on, they know how to be fair and not harsh in the way they process people and deal with people, they communicate and handle different situations and work with security very well! overall a great officer! who I would 100% trust as a head of security! and believe they would make the round both fun for crew and antags

A +1 from me! Elijah taught me the basics of sec, and it is really nice seeing him on the rare occasions I play secass. Great in comms, kind and reliable, I know I can count on him as sec or non-sec. Great officer, I would love to see him as HoS.
Elijah is a good officer in which you can always count when he's on the team. When i'm not playing sec, he's also a very fun officer to interact with and its easy to get him into a gimmick (Like making elijah into a sticky notes super-mecha-cop) +1
Jeez, I thought I already posted on this? Apparently not!

Elijah is great. Really responsive, really respectful, and really friendly. They're definitely someone I love seeing on a Sec Team because I can be certain that things are going to run smoothly with them around. Give them the damn beret!


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