HoS Application - Munien (Elijah Retluoc)
Usual character name: Elijah Retluoc (More recently, previously used to use randomised names)
BYOND username: Munien
Discord username (if you are on our discord): Munien

Recommended by (if applicable): N/A
Goon servers you play: Primarily 3, but very occasionally 1 & 4.

Reason for application: 
Through my time playing, having a head of security has always been incredibly beneificial to any security or command shift. Whether it's a chaotic shift with antags, or even on extended with none, having a person in command who can not only provide leadership for security officers when it comes to issues such as brig times, arrestable offences, punishments, training new officers and assistants, or just helping coordinate the often scrambled nature of security, is really useful. I think the position of Head of Security is a great opportunity to help bring leadership, help, and trust to my favourite area of ss13.   

Security experience (300 word minimum): 
When I first started playing ss13 just over a year ago, I steered very clear of ever playing security for fear of not being robust enough. However after I took a break, I came back and gave it a go. What I found was a department that was so friendly, helpful, and full of really great interactions with all members of the crew, from janitors and staffies all the way to high command. 

My approach throughout my time being a security officer has always been one of creating fun interaction with everyone. Whether it's providing fun roleplay with an antag instead of just arresting them on the spot, or just talking with tiders when they do something they didn't realise was wrong. I've always attempted to communicate first, by blowing the whistle or asking someone to come with me to security to talk or off to somewhere private to conduct a search. Though obviously this always isn't possible and sometimes things escalate to batons and tasers, I always try to create an environment where this is a last resort when someone has either resisted violently or is re-offending, been warned multiple times etc.

Often times, my best sec rounds have been with a Head of Security, especially when I was starting out, as it gave me someone to go to when I wasn't sure if I should arrest someone, or how long in the brig to give them, or even just for approving a fine.

Answer two or more of the following:
  • What advice would you give to other sec players?
    Good communication is absolutely vital to a fun and successful security shift. Whether it be a simple "heading out on patrol", an update on any current investigations, letting the team know you are enroute to a call, or asking someone to flag arrests. It can make a shift really difficult when someone is going out and making or flagging arrests without telling anyone why, and then if that person offends/re-offends, you don't really have any good info to make a proper judgement.The other vital piece of advice would be to not take it TOO seriously, even in RP. At the end of the day, everyone is here to have fun, even the antags. So play along (so long as they aren't being so overly obvious or violent), have a drink with your officer buddies, and enjoy!

  • What was one of your favorite security moments? (Either playing as a sec officer or interacting with one)
    There are 2 recent memories that I have really enjoyed as a sec officer so I'll summarise both:

    1: Some conspirators acted as the board of directors, and ended up holding the captain hostage. Some negotiations continued until it was almost shuttle time and nothing had evolved. So most of the team entered the bridge, following the HoS's orders to hold fire. He made a grand speech about bringing in a "fierce negotiator", while one of the team quickly updated the conspirators criminal status to arrest. Finally, a growing siren was heard, and in came beepsky to make the arrest. The whole sec team jumped into action and ended up capturing most of them, as well as saving the captain from a spacing. It was a really enjoyable interaction, and everyone was talking about it on the discord after with joy.

    2: A quick one involving a chef who seemed like a tider, said some choice words when I brought him in over a small offence. While initially I ahelped because of what he said, when I brought him in me and the HoS at the time quickly sorted out what his offence was etc, and let him go. When I released him, he actually apologised sincerely for what he said and made the security an entire cart of donuts. While what he said was not at all acceptable, it was just a nice example of how good communication helped de-escalate the situation.

Answer one or more of the following fun questions (because it's important for the HoS to be fun):

  • What's a security gimmick that you've ran or wanted to run?
    There is 2 that I have wanted to run, one where the entire sec team dress and speak like old English bobbies (baton only, etc). The other, which would be altogether harder, would be to run a sort of obstacle course/gun training/hostage negotiation police academy style thing, though obviously due to time and space this would be very difficult to put together. 

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): None that I am aware of!
Amending my Application slightly. I was tired an misread the security experience as 300 words MAXIMUM.
So to add a little more detail: I've always enjoyed taking on new security assitants or officers and showing them the ropes when it comes to how security works as a department. From how to claim the tokens and what different loadouts are like, to using the secmate system, forensics, tool and weapon use etc. When I started playing sec regularly I had some really helpful people take me through the steps of how to be a good officer, and now when I have the opportunity I try to repay that favour, as it can be very overwhelming sometimes, especially on a busy shift.

Finally, one important aspect I've found in security is self-policing and accountability. Sometimes it is easy to get carried away in the moment of a chatoic shootout or when dealing with an obvious self-antag, but it is easy to distinguish between a good and bad officer in the way they handle it. Good officers and HoS' generally tend to rein in any lone ranger types, and hold their other officers accountable when they are being overly harsh or unjust.
I have really enjoyed playing with you as sec, and when I'm on the other end of things (being arrested) it has been a nice experience. I don't quite think I've played with you enough to make a decision to vote, but I think for now I'll say that building more of a reputation will definitely help, and I hope others who have played more with you vote!

Looking for anything to give constructive criticism, I'd say that it cant hurt to try out some things that might make the rounds really stand out, I'm not sure if Elijah Retluoc has any 'gimmicks' but I always love when any sec officer does something to make the round unique, and I think it would help build some recognition for you as a player (and as Elijah if you are using that character).

I'm giving no vote for now, but I really think others should share their votes!
Genuinely, I spend a lot of rounds with Munien; They have been around sec for most of the rounds I play, and I can say they are an extremely reliable security officer that I know I can rely on as much as myself. They don't have so many hours as most, but they have risen to the expectations I carry for myself and HoS with ease.
Munien definitely gets a +1 from me. They are a great officer, and I love working with them.
great officer, funny, approachable, handles things calmly.

plays AUS times too :eyes:
Hi, frost here, I've seen you ingame for over more times I can count, you do your job nicely and usually are very responsive about everything... I'd like to see you as HoS!

I've played a few shifts with Munien now, and feel like i can give an honest review.

Munien is an active officer on the radio, communicative and friendly. He answers calls swiftly and generally has his priorities set straight. He's also pretty fun to RP with, has interesting stories of his own, goes well with gimmicks and can impart his own little ideas to keep the fun going.
In terms of answering to trouble, i've seen munien deal with it in a respectul manner, not berating people or abusing his power. He treats people fairly and prefers to try and talk his way out first, usually only drawing a weapon if the situation is dire. I've not seen them give overly harsh sentences, and he generally seems to care for his allies.

There is only one minor recommendation i'd like to make; In a recent shift i was an arcfiend and made it quite clear i was an antagonist from the get-go. The situation was handled well, with security answering with proper escalation and not directly shutting me down. However the mindslaved captain freed me once behind security's back, then when i was caught again tried to free me once more and cleanse me of all my charges in front of everyone. It took a certain while and for the captain to RP as someone growing more and more heratic before someone stood up against them. As head of security, and even as a regular officer, there might come times when you need to speak up against authority if you witness something that you believe isnt just. However munien was an excellent officer in every other regard during this shift, so this is only a minor thing i noted.

Overall, a solid +1. I hope to be able to see you deal with antagonists more and to witness how you treat them, despite RP being on such a long extended state.
I'm fairly new to security, but I've always had good interactions with Munien, and I'm always happy when we're on the same team. Very welcoming and supportive of new assistants and officers, which is important for a Head of Security.
So, with the caveat that I'm new, I'll gladly give a +1 on this.

I am always happy to see Elijah whenever I play Security. Super friendly, good with new people, and fun to roleplay with.

+1 from me!
It cant get more honest then this: I thought Munien, that plays as Elijah, was THE OTHER ELIJAH thats already HoS whitelisted. I though they were the same for A WEEK!!!
Other then that, i can say its been nice to see them in the sec department, and they fit in really quickly (since they are a new face ive seen commonly around now).

Now that my own application has been processed, I can finally comment on this.

Elijah is an incredibly trustworthy officer, both when playing as a fellow officer, or as an antagonist. Any round I play tends to go smoother with them onboard; they are communicative, cordial, level headed, willing to engage in gimmicks, and definitely worthy to serve as HoS.

In response to Bartimeus's qualms, in a recent shift with myself as an arcfiend, the security team was noticeably heavy handed, or seemed to be from my perspective; suggesting execution for one second degree murder, and breaking and entering, however Elijah stood up to the team, instead serving me a brig time appropriate to my crimes, and engaging in RP. I should make it clear no HoS was present that round, however Elijah would have been more than welcome as one.

Very much a +1.
elijah is definitely a good person to see around on the team. my rounds with them have always been fair, reliable, and communicative. they also did well in their hos trial run i was able to catch, i think theyd be a decent fit. +1
Elijah is a HUGE help to me when I'm HoS and helps out with all the orders that pile up. Hes a good officer, and knows their stuff. He gets a +1 from me, and I can't wait for the tag duo of Elijah Ulery and Elijah Retluoc.
Even though we haven't been able to play much on the same team lately, I appreciated the help and communication from them when we did play. They are a great officer, fair to antagonists and able to keep their cool when things get chaotic.

Elijah's always been reliable and a good sight when on the round. Lots of positive experiences. Application is really nice too. +1 from me.

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