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Shamecube banned on discord.
Hey I accidentally posted my discord appeal in the wrong place so I'm just going to copy/paste it here

who banned? - unknown

byond key - susynoid0458

discord username - shamecube, my exact ID changes from time to time, but that was my nickname in there. 

Specified reason for ban - saying "wakey hands off snakey" when someone said another humorous "good morning" substitute. My grandfather tought it to me when I was 3. 

What led to the ban - you already have all the context for this specific punishment. I think the admin's are taking any small excuse to ban me because of my past bans. which is kind of creating a feedback loop where tinier and tinier things are becoming ban-worthy, and the more bans I get, the lower the bar becomes. 

Why are you appealing? - same reason as always, because I like this server and, to my knowledge, I didn't make anyone uncomfortable or cause any tangible harm. If I am wrong about that then I apologise, but surely I should be informed of that before being banned? otherwise what do you expect me to learn from?

Unless the intent ISN'T for me to learn, it's just to permaban me, in WHICH case, I'm appealing because saying "wakey wakey hands off snakey" and drawing a dick on the shuttle, does not a permaban reason make. in my opinion at least. 

What rule did I break - Sexual content. My grandfather tought me that phrase when I was very young, I've never once considered it sexual, and still do not. but I do promise not to use anything I consider sexual in future (This has always been the case). I would ask that in future, if I say something considered sexual, that you DM me and tell me to not say it, that will be a lot easier and just as effective a way to get me to cease. 

The fact is, I've not at any point been non-cooperative with you guys, I've made mistakes, but at what point have I shown any unwilingness to comply with your demands?  I havn't been causing trouble ingame for other players, I havn't been trying to ERP with people, or going on murder sprees, I made a couple misjudged jokes. 

I'm really not as bad as you seem to think I am, I'm just an idiot who makes bad jokes. 

Evasion Attempts - none, still, and I intend to keep it that way.

also since it isn't explicitly stated (my bad) I wont say that phrase again in future.

All the same info is here, so the copy/paste shouldn't be an issue. thanks. 
Bluntly, the issue is not a singular case but you consistently breaking the sexual content rule. I cannot for the life of me believe "this has always been the case" when it has never been the case. Alone, though, I'd probably consider lifting this even though saying what you said to a male member of the community is actually quite vile and if something similar was said to a female member of the community I'm sure you'd agree. Especially in the context of us trying to make a safe space for all people.

Now onto the reason I'm not lifting this. Your removal has vastly decreased the amount of toxicity on RP discord. No longer are there literal daily hour long arguments. The tension level has plummeted. Your permaban from discord has improved the community.

You can appeal in thirty days. I really want you to think about the fact that a discord with thousands of members got noticeably better in your absence before you do.
Really your opinion on the matter doesn't hold any weight when it's predicated on MY perception. You can claim that you don't believe me when I say "I don't think that is sexual", but saying outright that you believe I'm willingly continueing to say these things KNOWING they're going to upset people, is libelous to say the least.

Can you provide any kind of proof that I was the one starting arguments before? Other admins havn't been able to provide any kind of proof to this matter, however I HAVE been falsely blamed for a number of arguments, which honestly comes down to the fact that I've become your scapegoat.

I know people in the discord, it's not like there HASN'T been any disagreement since I left, you either missed it or are just lying to yourself if you think I was the sole cause.

Also, are you under the impression I was directing this at anyone? if so, you're incorrect, and on that note, I don't personally believe gender should be considered a mitigating factor if you DID believe I aimed sexual comments at people. You should punish me just the same whether it was a woman or a man I directed it at. The fact that you're insinuating that sexual harrassment against men is lesser is EXTREMELY worrying.

Really, I don't care too much about appealing, I've genuinely had law professors that were less anal about rules and procedure than your admins, it just makes the whole experience completely anxiety enducing when you've got a crosshair painted on your back.

Also, on a more serious note, the admin team either owes me £4, a DM to figure out the specifics of how you're getting my plushy in your game, or you're literally commiting a crime under UK law.

I would also like some form of proof of me being toxic towards others in any way, or showing a hostile attitude towards others, as I'm certain if this was the case, it was entirely perceived on your front.

I asked this prior when I was first accused, and nobody gave me any answer then.

You guys REALLY like putting accusations forward, and then not backing them up in any solid form.

Also, aren't you Ley on discord? how would you be an authority on how much toxicity I bring? you were almost never there whenever I was talking.

To be totally honest, the only thing I really wanted was accountability, or any proof you're not 100% arbitrary actors.

When people break rules, you're supposed to TELL THEM what they've done wrong, and then show them how to improve. you've failed to do either in almost every encounter we've had.
User was banned for threatening legal action and being incredibly toxic over their stay with us.

Clarification: They did receive a refund.
User was banned from the game for wasting 15 minutes of my time insulting me in admin-pms instead of giving me their patreon username so we could refund them, then threatening legal action for not giving them the refund that we couldn't give them without their patreon username.

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