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Movement ideas
The Shift Key - Instead of having walking, running, and sprinting as an intent swap and a button you hold down, I propose making shift a way to change from walking to running, as well as sprint when held down.

Proposed method would be make default a walk speed, with a tap of shift upgrading it to a run that maintains until you do something that causes you to lose momentum. Holding shift down will make it into a sprint.

Flipping - I believe the way the current momentum mechanics work is that continuing to move in one direction you will eventually speed up as long as you don't change direction to suddenly. I propose adding to this system a method in which while your character is flipping, their momentum remains locked at it's current speed, with the sustaining direction locking back into the current position it's in when the flip ends.

In practicality, you could run down one way, flip, and do a hard turn without losing your current speed momentum. It would also be possible to use flips to help conserve your stamina you're using for sprinting. Just pepper in some flips to keep your momentum up

Momentum and slips - Momentum currently comes into play mostly for speeding up, but what if it also worked the same in reverse? trying to do a dead stop from a sprint or a run, or to quickly change direction, should cause a slight sliding effect, where you continue to advance a tile or two in the direction you've built momentum into.
Sounds super hot. Reaching over to swap walk/run is just unrealistic mid-combat.
You have to bind a new key which new players--and many veterans--simply won't think to do.
As a result, they're being held back from being better at the game and they don't even know it.
This change alone might encourage players to practice walking through puddles/over wet floors, helping them to become more skillful at the game.

The idea of utilizing flips to change direction while maintaining speed seems like it could add a new mechanic for players to learn and compete with.
This of course could help skillful players evade capture or chase down their foe.

Beyond that, "Sliding" forward from high momentum seems to be a very interesting concept.
As it is, avoiding traps while at a sprint is difficult.This might encourage players to be more cautious about breaking into a full sprint everywhere.
Perhaps there can be a "Dead Stop" utilized by going prone, falling to the floor to decrease the "Slide" or stop it altogether, however this kills your momentum.
Overall I'm not a fan of this, but maybe I just lack vision.

Please also remember the current "Slide" mechanic (I think that's what it's called) whereby a player uses Resist and then "Throws" it to perform a quick slide.
Perhaps this can be incorporated into some of your ideas so it doesn't feel like an after thought.

Unfinished thought.
Coding it so that you slide further when you try to stop after running seems like it may be a quick way to get an angry mob of players used to the old system after you.^^
100% support changes. I’ve always thought the running / walking intent wasn’t extremely forgettable. The only time I ever use it is for very specific RP scenarios where I need to be moving slower. I kinda think all Space people move a bit fast as is but that’s more balance than intent/sprint changing

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