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Goonstation Monthly Contest: November 2021
Welcome to November! (How did we get here so quickly from June?)

This month's contest will (hopefully) be a lot of fun. Dust off your crayons, stock up on Grones Soda, find a quiet spot in crew quarters, and be prepared to make a SS13-related meme or comic using only screenshots from the game and/or your own art!

For prizes, all qualifying submissions will be added to an official page on the wiki. The top five participants will each receive a Gannets sticker and an exclusive medal. Everyone else will also receive a participation medal.

Submissions will close November 24th to allow time for voting. 

I believe in your capacity for creativity and making not-awful memes. Good luck and have fun! space bear


Q: What kinds of memes or comics are allowed?
A: Any as long as they're related to SS13 and don't break our rules. We also reserve the right to disqualify any submissions we deem inappropriate or particularly low effort (don't just crop a random assistant from a screenshot and call it a meme please).

Q: Can I use art assets that are neither from the game nor of my own creation?
A: No. Trust your artistic abilities more! 

Q: Can I make my meme or comic about a specific player or their character?
A: We would strongly prefer that you not focus on a particular individual, but rather a greater context, concept, or idea (e.g. geneticists, a new player getting beat up by monkeys, why Jones always trips you at critical moments).

Q: Can my creation contain spoilers?
A: Not unless it's fairly common knowledge (e.g. disaster mode) or you get the creator's permission.

Q: Can I submit something I made a while ago?
A: Sure as long as it's not more than a year old. And if you're using screenshots, they should be post-resprite (unless you're making a meme that's literally comparing pre- and post-resprite or something).

Q: How do I embed an image?
A: Wrap the image url in [img] [/img] tags.
hello this is my meme, efrem and simian asked for some high quality memes so here is my cool  bee high quality meme

[Image: 6t9IdqR.jpeg]  :bee-sad:

i will not respond if this meme causes damage of any type
My submission is an older doodle of mine based on this image


[Image: t0NTP3I.png]
the crew plays space monopoly!

hope its okay Sleeping bee inspired by the "draw you squad" meme

[Image: LAERebG_d.webp?maxwidth=1280&shape=thumb&fidelity=high]

sadly i cant post the pic, so this is the link to imgur
a bit on the lower quality side but i had to do it.  space bear

[Image: vHNtJSs.png]

Title: 'Butt.'
[Image: F6dARZI.gif]

my free will should be revoked after making this monster  space bear
Fresh, meme!

[Image: y3RwSkQt_o.png]
i was told that my meme was expected by the end of the day so here it is (that is what was meant by "EOD"... right?)

[Image: MzbSuJ5.png]
The canvas is now a comic panel.

[Image: CSmREut.png]
[Image: 56.jpg?width=910&height=910]
A Classic, recreated on Oshan.

This might be the worst thing I have ever made. I cannot apologize for it.
[Image: wysp5e9qyg081.png?width=542&auto=webp&s=...57060ebbd6]
Well I will show my lack of skills of an artist, since you know I don't art things ever. 
[url=[Image: NfhDxRa.jpg]

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