Mr. Moriarty (Alexander Nelson) - Head of Security Application
Usual character name: Alexander Nelson
BYOND username: Mr. Moriarty
Discord username (if you are on our discord): Mr. Moriarty#6202
Recommended by (if applicable): N/A
Goon servers you play: Morty (3) and Sylvester (4)

Reason for application:
Often having a Head of Security can greatly improve a shift; someone on which everyone can rely upon, as security, as an antagonist, or as the crew, a HoS can be relied upon to be fair, trustworthy, and willing to engage in conversation and antag gimmicks. And while officers are perfectly equipped to train new security members, I find that a HoS's judgement is more trusted, as newer officers and assistants look up to and aspire to be like the HoS, which puts them in a better place to train newer officers and provide reassurance to them. In addition to this, a HoS is better suited to police other officers on poor conduct than a fellow officer, although an officer should still hold themselves accountable for poor play, and look out for others playing poorly.

Of course, this isn't a solely selfless gesture; both captain and security officer hold the place of joint-favourite job for me; I love the responsibility that comes with leadership for captain, and if I am not playing as an officer, I rarely play any jobs that aren't a head of staff role, as I take great joy in teaching newer players the different departments and jobs within them. As for officer, I enjoy getting the chance to RP closely with the antagonists, the team, and the crew; the very things the job entails doing, even more so than captain. I think Head of Security will be the best of both worlds; the responsibility of leadership found with the heads of staff, and the chance to roleplay with the antagonists, team, and crew that security officer provides.

I have also discovered that berets go fantastically with monocles.

Security experience (300 word minimum):
For me, Security is more about creating a story than crime and punishment; when interacting with Security, an antagonist shouldn't feel repressed or unfairly treated, but rather they should be given room to achieve their gimmick, with Sec interacting and playing along with it as well as they can. The interrogation room is brilliant for this, nobody should be immediately thrown in the brig, a timer set, and forgot about, that is not what Security is about; they are there to ensure everyone receives a fun round, and RPing with the antagonists is often a sure way to let them have an entertaining shift.

My approach to dealing with a crime is to always attempt to talk first, even if it is a major crime, I will politely ask them to come with me to Security, and if they decide to run, I try to whistle first, then escalate to a taser or baton; I try to only use force when it is absolutely needed. After a crime has been dealt with, I always attempt to give a full report over the radio, which usually includes the name, crime, the given reason for the crime, and if any, the punishment for said crime, this helps keep everyone updated on what is going on, and who is running what gimmick, so another officer may seamlessly pick up and continue the gimmick with them, or escalate the punishment appropriately if it is a repeat crime; communication is essential to Security, a team that does not communicate well is often uncoordinated, which can lead to less enjoyable shifts.

On the note of communication, it is good practice to report what you are doing every once in a while; whether you are patrolling, helping the doctors in Medbay, teaching an assistant, or responding to a crime, it gives other officers an idea of where everyone is, and if there was a crime, how many officers they can expect to see at the scene. It is also good to check in on everyone and make sure no one has disappeared into a dark corner of maintenance somewhere; ask how the shift has been if it is a calmer round, simple things that show you are listening and looking out for the team go a long way.

Offering a helping hand to newer officers and assistants is also good conduct for an officer, I often stay behind in Security to teach the basics of the role to newer players, teaching SecMate, forensics, and basic arrest procedure to assistants, and teaching new officers what each of their weapons do, on top of what I would teach assistants, should they ask for it. When going to an active crime, if there is a newer officer on shift, I ask them if they would like to tag along and offer them a chance to help, as experience can be just as useful as knowing what everything does and how everything works.

Answer two or more of the following:
What advice would you give to other sec players?
Often I see newer players taking the role of Security a tad too seriously, and while to an extent it should be, people's rounds are in your hands after all, officers should not be afraid to engage in gimmicks with antags, even if you suspect it may be slightly dangerous for yourself. Of course, there is a line, and it can sometimes be hard to tell where to draw it, but there is a difference between engaging in a gimmick, and giving antags everything they want; provide some resistance, and obstacle that, with some wit, they can overcome, but always make it fun for everyone involved.

What was one of your favourite security moments? (Either playing as a sec officer or interacting with one.)
One shift, myself and my fellow conspirators agreed to dress up at the 'NanoTrasen Board of Directors', and we held a meeting in the bridge with the captain, where we talked about declining profits, and eventually fired the captain and held him hostage. Security and the HoS arrived, and roleplayed with us, agreeing to hand over the station provided we didn't hurt the former captain. However this was a devious charade, as in the background, the HoS planned to outwit the directors by setting them to arrest and sending Beepsky to 'negotiate' with us. A fight ensued, the captain was thrown out the airlock, but was recovered by the valiant security team, the other directors were captured, and Director Nelson had the straightjacket he had been keeping the captain in put on him. By then, the shuttle had arrived, and on the way to CentComm, as the shift ended, the directors all complained about how they wouldn't be getting their sixth monthly raise.

What game improvements or changes do you think would benefit security players?
Any change I believe would benefit Security, I discuss on Discord, and if it is agreed upon by others, or has already been discussed in the past, and it is within my ability, I usually try and make a PR for it, such as NTSOs not receiving whistles, and Security Assistants not receiving access to Clarion's equipment room.

Describe any differences in your playstyle when part of a full security team and when being the only security officer.
On shifts where there is a larger team online, I usually find more time to RP with the crew, check in on departments, or help in Medbay, as I can rely on other officers to deal with smaller crimes, of course, I still try to respond if I can.

Answer one or more of the following fun questions (because it's important for the HoS to be fun):
Write a poem to convey your thoughts on Security/NanoTrasen/space/bees/anything related to SS13.
Roses are red,
Violets are shy,
Open up, this is security!,
What did you do to the AI?

What's a security gimmick that you've run or wanted to run?
I always enjoy seeing people wear the constable's helmet, and would love for an entire team to wear them one shift, but I am always more than willing to engage in Security gimmicks others are attempting to run.

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will.): N/A.
haven't played security for as long as others have, but every time I've been on a sec team with Alexander Nelson he's been calm, collected, and cool-headed even in the most overwhelming situations! +1 from me
While I can't recall seeing Alexander as security, (I'm sure you have but I mostly play on 4), I can attest to them as Captain and in a command role. Even on a recent round, we were an understaffed sec team, with Alexander as our Captain, and as such, I was reporting to him. Attentive, engaging, and knowledgeable in matters of command and leadership has always been displayed, as well as fantastic RP and good communication skills. As for the most recent round, our sec team discovered a death, and Alexander was in communication with us every step of the way. All his orders given are reasonable and level headed.

I would be honored to serve under him as a Sec officer, and would love to shadow and/or get advice on from him on how to do my own job better. It's a strong +1 from me.
Alexander (recognized by his famous constable hat) is a very good officer. He is calm and cool headed. He is the kind of colleague I would ask advice to if i'm not sure about a sentence. I think he would make a good leader for the department.

+1 for me
Good officer, great at RP, just overall brilliant. They are fair with the stuff they do and they try not to go too harsh with arrests and timers. They also let RP happen and give antagonists some much needed breathing space at times. They are British so...

you are british
+1, thorough, stylish, cordial
All my interactions with Alexander, whether as a fellow security member or other crewmate, have always been a joy. They always have great RP, always take time to show new security assistants the ropes, and are always great when dealing with suspects/arrested people.
I would be very happy to have him as the Head of any security team I'm a part of.

Definitely a +1

(11-07-2021, 11:33 PM)Munien Wrote: All my interactions with Alexander, whether as a fellow security member or other crewmate, have always been a joy. They always have great RP, always take time to show new security assistants the ropes, and are always great when dealing with suspects/arrested people.
I would be very happy to have him as the Head of any security team I'm a part of.

Also I was a secoff in that conspiracy, and that was some of the best interactions I've had in a round.

Definitely a +1
Alexander is a great officer, knows how to handle security well, a very nice officer and fair when it comes to dealing with crime lords, they are always a great officer to RP with.

Overall i feel they would make a great Hos! +1
He is british
Enough said
I have no bad experiences with this lad.

Alexander is a good guy that knows how to complete his objectives, I've seen him around whenever I'm online.

+1 from me.
Big 1+

They are pretty responsive over the radio and definitely stands out as a person who ls willing to lead and teach newer players. I'm positive they will have a good impact on others who may be newer to playing security.

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