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What is your favorite job and why?
Maybe put a little more effort into your post? Try editing your post with your favourite job and why it's your favourite job. Maybe add some stories about your favourite job's rounds.
[Image: AWQHjAm.jpg]

It's Security. You get to meet a lot of people and arrest them.

You get access to wander from room to room, don't have to interact with people you don't want to. Weapon to keep undesirables at bay.
If someone is pulling a Gimmick, be it friendly or deadly, they're going to do it to Sec. You get to be at the center of fun stuff from admins and players.
Staffie, flexible, have no responsabilities, freedom to do (almost) everything you want, and if you're robust, it's even more fun
So, my favorite job is captain, and security.
I like captain cause I just get to do some wacky gimmicks and have people listen to me. I have many great captain stories, such as stinky station and big station.
I like playing security since I get to interact with all of the antags in a round.
AI and security.

I have a lot of fun playing as AI. Sometimes it's quiet, sometimes hectic, and the fun ones are where you get a law uploaded, Ion Storm or otherwise, and it's one of the funky ones you have to think a little a bit about. I try to be subtle about it, and you can really have some great interactions with the crew.

I've really come to enjoy security as well. You're usually going to be busy, and as others have pointed out, you interact with a lot of people. If it's a slow round, I'll usually drop by the departments to check in and say hello, and you'd be amazed at the RP you can find just stopping to talk to someone. Both of these roles involve a lot of interaction, and make for some great stories and fun times at the end of the day.
Welp might as well throw in my 2 cents, I really like playing security,Ai,Clown, I get to interact with a lot of departments and theres almost always something to do, on quiet shifts you can go around at the bar and get drunk, on a more hectic shift you end up dealing with some antags ranging from fun to soulbreaking rounds,
Ai like I said I also find fun, but it really depends if people are going to rp with your or give you some fun laws(imagine bolting your upload as ai smh)
Clown, people hate or love you, you are the butt of the joke, the honkmother avatar, the funny man , you are at the bottom of the food chain and you must crawl up to the top and make people laugh even if it costs your own life. You are not here to survive you are here to entertain.
Botany, Doc\MDir, Silicons in general.

Botany is hilarious, espeically on RP - I really enjoy making weird, weird foods and baffling the rest of the crew. Giga-apple that satisfies all needs, or a blunt that somehow heals you of everything while also satiating thirst? That's funny as hell. Or just doing the ol teaching thing, as a lot of new players end up in botany.

Doctoring - I get to yell at people, keep everyone alive, and teach people useful skills. Some of my favorite stories are about doctoring - be it "saving a lot of people", or "That time the HoS was busy trying to stop a ling and I was keeping their brain from turning into milkshake" (Pre-ling change on RP), or the occasional heavy RP about someone being borged and everyone in medbay crying, both IC and IRL.

AI\Borg - You sometimes end up doing any weird kind of jobs, and you get to interact with a lot of folks. Some Ion laws really will change how you play out the round... and sometimes you get to scare folks, when you're on Horizon big grin

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