HoS App the sequel
Definitely somebody I would be happy with having as a hos. Frequently play with them and they are often contributing positively to my rounds, and make everything a little bit more fun. They have a better grasp than most on how you should punish crimes and antags while also letting the players have an enjoyable experience. I'm curious about that situation from Alex, and I feel like there's more that happened that isn't being told, because that seems a bit strange to me.

This is a +1 from me =)
Good player and good sec, knows the game well, fun to play with +1
I've been lucky enough to have security shifts with Everst on numerous occasions. Always fun to interact with, helpful and a great member of the team. Also very fashionable, so stompy boots or a cape would go well on them. +1
Good player and good all around secoff. Remember to use HE mode.

Ret's pretty cool player to be around and helps people out. I think they definitely deserve it. +1 from me.

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