HoS App the sequel
Usual character name: Mallow Rhosin / Matcha Usucha / Everest Winters / Effie Laorey 
BYOND username: Retrino
Discord username (if you are on our discord): Retrino
Recommended by (if applicable): N/A
Goon servers you play: A bit of all of them, but mostly 1 and 3

Reason for application: Since my last app, I wanted to work on building an actual presence within sec, since it was something I rarely played. The general consensus from my last go through was that I didn’t play much, or they hadn’t seen me play it at all, so that was something I wanted to work on before going back in. I’ve mostly gotten past the anxieties of having attention drawn to me because of the nature of the role, which I believe is what held me back before from making an actual impression. Now that it’s something I’ve started doing more frequently, I’d like to apply again and help fill out the gaps in my usual play times (usually very late evenings est) where an HoS isn't typically around to help keep security organized.

Security experience (300 word minimum): Sec has been a sort of passive job to me, not something that I’ve really mained until more lately. I’ve personally been working toward finding a decent balance between staying on top of stuff without being overbearing, which has not been the easiest experience. Many people have different expectations and ideas of how security should be done, it gets a bit confusing to figure out which is the one to follow. Part of the learning experience is trying to piece it together, and eventually finding confidence in your own judgement. I’ve played a good bit of both rp and classic, touched on all roles for both servers. It can be jarring how different they are, but in the end, it's nice to be around so many types of people and put adaptability to the test. I’m sure I’ve made mistakes as well, but it's just something that happens. With how full security has been lately, both new and experienced players, you’ve generally always got someone to be there to bounce ideas off of, or teach some of your own to. Mistakes can be rectified, things don’t always have to work out perfectly, experiences are made regardless.

HoS itself has also been quite the interesting role to fill. Rounds vary so heavily, and I’ve tried to get a decent understanding of the responsibilities of an HoS versus security itself. One of the differences I’ve noticed most is the amount of faith in judgement (understandably) that’s given to the HoS as opposed to a security officer. I’ve found secoffs tend to ask more for advice on sentencing, or just general guidance on how to handle a situation, when seeing an HoS vs an officer. Of course, this isn’t specific to just that role, just something I’ve noticed more when rolling it. I think adaptability also comes into play quite a bit, since I find it's easier as an HoS to bend to what the team needs most help with that shift. Sometimes being out in the field is important, but it can also be helpful, in the case of a full team for example, to stick back and observe/monitor records. It’s a bit easier to be able to focus on comms to make calls on incidents with a clear head, rather than try to process an incident in a few moments while trying to handle something else yourself. It also gives the opportunity for less experienced folk to come forward with questions, as well as keep an eye on what certain individuals are being arrested for. NTSO has also been an enjoyable role, being able to help keep the team organized without directly being in charge of things, backup to really anyone that needs it.

Answer two or more of the following:
* What was one of your favorite security moments? (Either playing as a sec officer or interacting with one)
A more recent one was an HoS round, I hadn’t seen much other sec aside from a second HoS and secoff, both of which had cryoed. Joys of solo sec. One thing led to another, I got owned heavily by a vampire and changeling, and sort of assumed I was just out from there. Got cloned though, and happened to run into a security officer I hadn’t seen yet that round. We talked a bit, explained the situation, and they were down to help. On the way there, I asked which class they chose, and realized they didn’t actually have any gear. It was their first security round, so obviously the next course of action would be to use myself as bait and give the new officer a chance to try out their gear. It was a bit anticlimactic, but I did find it incredible that the secoff was willing to run into a vampire/changeling den unarmed simply because I asked for help with it.

* What game improvements or changes do you think would benefit security players?
This is somewhat niche, much more commonly seen on rp, but the ability to name pinpointers with more efficiency would be handy to me. I’d personally like to see the ability to smack a data disk onto a pinpointer, and be able to locate that disk as well as have it labelled automatically.

* Describe any differences in your playstyle when part of a full security team and when being the only security officer.
Solo sec is more rare nowadays, but not impossible. It does require more balancing of priorities, as you can’t really rely on someone else to handle a situation. It isn’t rare though, that crew can be your biggest ally, solo or not. Being patient with others (ie, not taking someone’s toy simply for having it) can occasionally result in them helping you out later on. As one would expect, a team dynamic is much less stressful, but it does add a new factor of making sure your team isn’t going too berserk on the crew, antag or not.

Answer one or more of the following fun questions (because it's important for the HoS to be fun):
* Draw a picture!
[Image: image1.png]
Everest, one of my recent main sec characters. Don't come for me about Goon not having spikey ears or I Will cry

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): Pretty sure I was only banned once? For saying that I was physically unable to be banned (spoilers, I wasn’t)
attentive, team-player, looks good in hats
Frequents Secoff. Takes up HoS on friday's pretty often. Doesn't abuse crew. Sentences fairly and efficiently.
Not a secoff you have to check up on. Has lots of fun with the crew. Shows great leadership and patience.

Can't say much in the way of negative qualities. They ain't perfect but I ain't seen much room for improvement.

I must recommend them for Head of Security, +1.
+1 helpful and knows how to play security code well

*very instead of code(autocorrect why)
They are nice and fair, I would trust them to be a good HoS.
My time playing with them has been pleasant albeit limited, and they behave fair and calmly. +1
Well I haven't been playing much to make a full opinion, I have noticed they can keep calm in stressful situations which is something I like to see in security players applying for HoS. For not me having a full opinion I'm not +1ing or -1ing this.
I've seen them be lenient and understanding for smaller crimes and scuffles; the ability to apply a gentle touch when dealing with new players, petty disputes, or folks just having a bad day is far more important than knowing how to robust people. It can be really hard to be civil and keep an open mind when dealing with these sorts of situations and those are what separate good Sec from bad. +2/2
Had a few sec rounds with them. Communicative, reasonable with their team and antagonists, knows not to overuse force when not necessary. +1 from me.
Fantastic and helpful as Security. Definite approval from me.
I had a round with you yesterday and I really didn't enjoy it. I felt like you had something against me for the whole round. It started with you calling me a child on the radio for having a bit of fun chasing someone, and it ended with both of us getting sleepy gunned because you were so mad I smoked in your face. You literally chased me from security to the bar in donut 3, shoving and grabbing me, all while I was trying to get away to de-escalate the situation, and I was telling you to stop. I think you should learn how not to pick up fights with your fellow sec officers before being HoS.
I don't know you, this was my first round with you. Mabye this was a one round thing, but for now its a -1 for me
I am genuinely surprised the FIRST HoS app didnt go through. I wont type everything again but have always had fun playing sec with them. +1. Though they are one of the shortist players on the station which might cause some issues seeing as how all there characters are sub 3 feet tall.
theyre cool +1
Good officer with amazing (glued) hair.

Good nerd, seen them around a lot, I trust them with the stompy boots

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