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Spacemon! (Gotta catc- uhh.... shit copyright is a thing...)
A game that I came up with, that you too can play!

In summary: bootleg Pokemon!

I'm sure you guys have heard of Pokemon, funky pocket monsters and that. What if I told you... that Spacemon is funky space people! (Crazy stuff) There's the trainers, who are... well trainers for 'mons', and not the shoe kind, while 'mons' are people who are willing to join you and fight other trainers with mons!

Originally, Spacemon was played with mons inside porta-brigs and the people weren't exactly volunteers.
However, people complained that this was 'against human rights' and 'breaking the Geneva Convention', so those rules were scrapped, making the mons follow the trainer and be willing to join and all that jazz.

Honestly! People and their 'laws', am I right??

Anyways! Rule overview now that's out of the way:
Due to round time constrictions, the norm is to have 2 trainers with 2-3 mons each.
Each trainer can switch which mon is out on their turn, skipping their turn.
Each side must have an equal amount of mons if more are willing to join, however round times must be taken into account.
For a mon to be 'collapsed', they must reach crit, which usually is quite obvious.
Once a mon is 'collapsed', they are free to spectate the round once stabilized, but they shall not participate in the round.
Each trainer tells their mon what move to use on their turn, after agreeing who is 'faster'.
Each mon has a set of 4 moves and, optionally, an ultimate. More about ultimates later.
Those moves can deal damage, cause opponents to miss turns, and anything else, so long as they aren't too powerful
Optionally, moves can have a limited amount of power points, pp for short, that limits use of a move.
Ultimates are extra powerful moves that are set to only have one use per round, usually meaning you'll use it once.
With ultimates all power restrictions are out, so long as you don't blow up the station, or cause breaches in most cases
Mon moves and ultimates are restricted to what their job is. For example a mechanic can use a decon tool, while a scientist cannot.
The trainer cannot heal their mons, unless healing items are allowed.

More optional rules:
Training: If you wish, a trainer can train their mons for them to gain their moves. This can take out quite a bit of station time, so I suggest making this short. This is mainly for a rp element.
Evolution: Once a trainer has trained their mons enough, they can evolve into a second form. One again, a rp element, feel free to make a second form be whatever.
Typing: Certain mons have certain typings, meaning moves of certain types, or from a mon of said certain type, deal more damage. This essentially means the mon attacks twice instead of once. Feel free to bend this idea.
Healing items: each side gets health patches, basically. Simple rule innit.

These rules are a work in progress, and the written rules are subject to change as the game evolves.
Please post suggestions and questions!

Welp, Kevo signing out.

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