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[MERGED PR] Changes portabrig shove in timer from 1 second to 3 seconds
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About the PR
Changes time when grabbing someone and shoving them in the portabrig from 1 second to 3 seconds

Why's this needed?
As of right now someone can slip for 1 second and you can easily shove them in without them being able to react or fight back at all. Also the portabrig is faster than handcuffs, better at restraining people than handcuffs, more mobile than handcuffs, and faster to apply than hancuffs making it a little op.


(+)It now takes 3 seconds to shove someone in the portabrig instead of 1 second.

You can do this same thing with a locker and quick weld only you can't teleport it around
tbf weld could go with like a one second action bar in regards to lockers but not really the point here.

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