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Lifted Ban Appeal
Who banned you?: - girfflez
Byond Key: - Eternalnorth232
Discord Username: -EternalNorth23#2058
Date of Ban: - yesterday
Specified Reason for Ban: - Attacking as a Non - antag  
Ban Length: - permeant ban from all servers 
Why am I appealing?: - well i just wanted most to apologize for the way i acted it wasn't very cool what I did and mostly was using this as away to escape rough time in my life right now, plus anew runs in the game have made me really angry with how they turned out  but this not an excuse for my behavior but i hope that i get to come back  i really enjoy playing  this game and in the future i will not take thing so seriously and fallow the rules in the future if i am given a second chance in the future also i am sorry  [i]girfflez  i will do better in the future given a chance [/i]
Which rule did you break?: - grifing 
Evasion Attempts: - nope 
Don't do it again. Lifted.

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