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AI Turret Question
I'm not sure if this a bug or if I'm doing something wrong, and I would appreciate anyone that could clear this up for me. I've been playing a lot as the AI lately, and about 50% of time, a kind soul will come to remove my core and take me home. I usually disable the turrets well before they enter the upload, but a good bit of the time, they just keep firing. It clearly reads as off, and I've tried cycling them many times, but often as soon as they start taking apart the protective glass, they start shooting. They sometimes will stop on their own, but the only sure way I've found is to turn off equipment on the APC to get them to stop. Is there something I'm missing?
the turrets around the AI core have a second control panel, I assume your talking about cog1, its on the outer wall to the left of the AI core.
The AI room in cog1 has 2 turret control panels, one for the AI core found to the left of the AI cubicle and 1 on the entrance, there is also the one on the killswitch room but that one is irrelevant to the issue, my guess is you turned off the entrance panel and forgot about the AI core one as it is pretty well hidden tbf. Otherwise it is a bug and u should report it
Now that you both mention it, maybe it is just taking place on Cog1, and somehow I never did catch that there was a second switch. If it's kinda hidden, then I don't feel so bad about missing it. That sounds like it's probably the issue. I'll keep an eye out for it next time I'm AI on Cog1. Funny thing is I think most players trying to get me out have missed it too...even the players in there kept commenting about how it was off, but I bet they didn't catch the other one either. If it ends up being something else, I'll report it as a bug. Thank you both!

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