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Lifted KasigIstKase banned by leeanei
Possible metacommunications with jash895. Went around with them and killed another player as a non-antag and logged out after. Appeal this on our forms if you want to play.

Permanent ban, but I believe I can appeal it now.

My friend jash895 was logging off soon so we were messing around a bit. Both of us are very new to SS13 this is our second day trying it out, and it's our fault for not reading the rules and not realizing we shouldn't have killed some random player we found. I wasn't sure it actually was a player until I was banned because there was no blood coming out of them.

I found the game to be really fun and I probably should've looked to see if there were rules before playing. Your servers seem like the best bet for learning more about this game and having some fun.

The rule Don't Grief was broken.

I did leave, but that was because my friend jash895 had logged off for the day. I didn't know we had broken a rule, and that once again is my fault.

Thank you and sorry for the trouble!
I'm lifting this but please do not communicate with your friend outside of game. This is a game of deception(well, not that there are antags turned on currently on Morty) and talking together is against the rules as well.

Also, your friend will need to put up their own appeal to be unbanned.
Thank you, and sorry once again!

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