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Disparo banned by grifflez
Who banned you?: grifflez
Byond Key: Disparo
Discord Username: Vexaion#6189 - Not in the server though.
Date of Ban: Today
Specified Reason for Ban: Attacking people as a non-antag on RP3. You weren't online to be yelled at for your behavior when I got around to you, so you get to appeal this on the forums.
Ban Length: Permanent
What led to the ban?: Now for me this is the weird part, I don't remember actually doing anything too get banned. First thing I should disclose is that I'm a new player, so I have no idea what I was doing, secondly I don't remember actually doing anything on RP3, other than observing. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I mainly played  GS1 trying to learn the game, but I never played a full "Legitimate" round in neither. Admittedly I was afk as a Detective throughout the round of GS1 as I had no clue how to play the job and understand the controls more.
Why am I appealing?: I understand I was offline at the time, and I greatly do apologize. But I just started playing the game today, and don't fully understand the mechanics of the game itself.  I was told this was a good way to learn how to play the game, shame that I got banned the same day I started though.
Which rule did you break?: Don't Grief? Listen to Admins? I'm sorry, but I'm clueless.
Evasion Attempts: None

For another side note, sorry that this was all over the place I have been experimenting with all the other servers to find the one I enjoy the most. So trying to remember what happened in which is going to be hard for me.
Congratulations, you have a cursed CID that lined up with someone I banned like half an hour ago.


*Post here if it isn't fixed when you try to log in, but it should be fixed.
Ah, makes sense.
But for a follow-up it still says I'm banned, same reason as listen above.
fat and sassy space-bee

Should be fixed now maybe hopefully.

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