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Lifted tterc (discord) -> bans k-two
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i got banned by tterc (discord)
my username is k-two im not on discord serwer, i wos banned abaut day ago (?)
Reason: AI on default laws, randomly electrifying/bolting doors, assaulting the other AI with a mining drill and disobeying their laws. Since you weren't around I'm going to tempban you, read the server rules:
Banned By: tterc (Discord)
This ban applies to all servers.

im going to be baned for 3 more days
i now understand why i wos banned but i wuld like to make my ban a litle shorter (i wuld like 2 days but anythink wuld be nice) i didnt knew rules at the time and i wos quite suprised whan i saw ban anyway i understand if whoever will se that will didmist it but i got hope cuz i realy like this game and i love comunity on this serwers
and i belive i braked rule 1 of main rules (blocking dors as AI is griffing as i understand) and 11 of keep in mind
i tried other serwers but its not the same, i have nothing to add hope it wont get dismissed.
Cool, looks good enough for me
Ban's lifted
(10-13-2021, 02:09 PM)TTerc Wrote: Cool, looks good enough for me
Ban's lifted

thanku TTerc big grin

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