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Lifted ban by Flourish
Who banned you?: - flourish
Byond Key: - ItsJustMatei
Discord Username: - MateiStinkyPants#7020
Date of Ban: - 7 months or so
Specified Reason for Ban: - Being very disgusting and inappropriate
Ban Length: -permanent ban
What led to the ban?: - me making sexual jokes and being very inappropriate
Why am I appealing?: - this was a really long time ago,and i really want to return to goonstation,i  understand that what i did is disgusting inappropriate and really wrong,and i regret my action,I'm really sorry for what i did
Which rule did you break?: - rule 4
Evasion Attempts: - to be honest i tried to make an new account

Ban reason Wrote:[SAY: hi baby] [SAY: lets spice up things tonight] [SAY: you know...] [SAY: in bed] [EMOTE: Philip Edwards kisses] Harassing another player, when asked why, [Reply PM from-ItsJustMatei/Philip Edwards ï: roleplaying as a crazy ex??????] Read the rules and make an appeal on the forums, no earlier than a month from now (4/10), once you understand that this is totally gross and not okay

I think the worst part was directing this towards another player. It's been like six months, so I'm willing to give you a second chance. But to be clear, if you break rule 4 or harass people again, you're getting banned again.

Thanks for being honest about evasion attempts. Ban lifted. Let me know if you have any issues connecting.

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