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Lifted JackJumbo banned by virvatuli
Who banned you?: - virvauli

Byond Key: - JackJumbo

Discord Username: - The🌈#7453

Date of Ban: - October 11, 2021

Specified Reason for Ban: - Reason: Wrote "penis" on the floor as soon as they spawned in, when confronted about it pretended to go AFK, then disconnected when I displayed an alert to them. If you want to play on our servers, you need to abide by the rules, and since you chose to disconnect instead of confirming that you'd follow them, this is going to a ban. It is not permanent but you will need to submit an appeal on our forums to get it lifted.

Ban Length: - 35 Days

What led to the ban?: - It was my 3rd or 4th game I spawned as chief engineer wrote the word penis on the wall with a pen and went to search for my engineers to see if they were working hard. I received a message from an admin telling me not to write profanity on the walls. I did not respond as a thought it wasn't required of me. I went AFK and came back and disconnected because I had to go do something. after I reconnected I saw that I had been banned. The person who banned me thought a had pretended to by AFK to avoid punishment this however is not the case I was actually AFK I do understand the confusion as it did seem like I had done that.

Why am I appealing?: - I am appealing because this is one of my favorite servers and the RP I had on it was very fun and engaging.

Which rule did you break?: - I broke rule #A4 by writing the word penis. I broke rule #A8 by using a different account in an attempt to evade a ban. I think I broke rule #A2 for not responding.

Evasion Attempts: - I had one evasion attempt I used a second account I shouldn't have tried to evade my ban it was stupid of me to do and broke the rules.

Thank you for reading I do not believe my actions should go entirely unpunished as I did break the rules however I believe a 35 day ban is a little harsh for what is essentially a misinterpretation of my actions and a first time offense.
Hey there! Just so you know, I messaged you 3 times and displayed an alert on your screen (that you can't not notice, as it pops up in the middle of your screen). Regardless, the 30 day ban (the other days were automatically added because you tried to evade) was because you didn't respond at all and disconnected without acknowledging my message, we issue these kinds of bans to force a dialogue through the appeal system, as we are currently engaging in. I don't have a problem with lifting the ban at all, however please stick to your current account as if you try to use the account you tried to evade with, you'll be rebanned automatically. Keep rule 4 in mind going forward while playing, thanks! If you have any issues connecting, let me know.

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