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Lifted Daaash banned by leeanei
Who banned you?: leeanei

Discord Username: Dash#8008

Byond Key: Daaash

Date of Ban: I don't quite remember, I believe it was 3-4 months ago but it could be longer

Specified Reason for Ban: Metacomming with AChillyCheesy. You can feel free to explain and appeal this ban in the ban appeal forums.

Ban Length:  Permanent Ban (All Servers)

What led to the ban?:  I was Metacomming with my friend from discord, I got home from work had a long smoke and he was already on, so I hopped on as well. We've played together in the past but we don't usually pick the same job, he likes to do scientist and geneticist and I like to go medical doctor, roboticist or whatever weird job I feel like doing. We have played the same job together such as botany, security officer and scientist a multiple times but I've never been warned by admins or gotten banned / suspended in the past, however I'm easy to stress and smoking while playing has made me take the wrong path in multiple RP's and have been reprimanded by fellow players in post-game chat. I don't perfectly remember what happened because it was so long ago, I wanted to wait awhile before appealing. I believe he was already in the round and he was a spy / traitor, (I was non-antag) I think he already had a name chosen and I chose one that was incredibly similar to his (Something like a 4 character difference in our last names) because I was high and at the time I thought it was funny, I never tried to hide what we were doing. He asked if he could inject me with a macrobomb and I consented, and then he started killing me and I let it happen. People intervened and dragged me to medbay, or maybe I was put in critical condition in public. People then tried their best to save my life but my friend started attacking people and I started holding my breath to kill myself. I died and blew up all of medbay, and multiple people as well, the round had to end early killing everyone's RPs and fun.

Why am I appealing?: I love SS13, and especially Goonstation 3 and I miss playing on it, GS3 was my go-to for a long time before I got banned w/ 1-2 shifts a day 4 days a week. I regret what I did, I should not have metacommed with my friend, I shouldn't have even known he was a traitor let alone use traitor resources as a non-antag especially to grief. I also should not have played on an RP server while I was not capable or willing to do RP, though doing this in GS Classic would have also resulted in punishment. Regardless of my influences it was my choice to let this happen and I apologize.

Which rule did you break?: Rule 3: No Metagaming, as well as Rule 1: No Griefing, and multiple RP Server rules (2, 4, 5, 9)

Evasion Attempts: No I never tried to use a VPN or log into an alternative account since my ban.
I'll lift this. You've shown you understand what you did was wrong.

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