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Why do you hate me? [HEAT OF THE DESERT]
i hope you know headsurgeon is (was?) a literal bot
Did you read the whole post for the context of why I posted that?
(10-14-2021, 08:48 PM)Stivkin Wrote: Did you read the whole post for the context of why I posted that?

[Image: fTVRZF5k_400x400.jpg]
So you're just giving out warnings because you don't like me?
(10-14-2021, 08:52 PM)Stivkin Wrote: So you're just giving out warnings because you don't like me?

I warned you in the context of another thread lol it's okay, he'll be up again before you know it
Quote:Dear Stivkin

You have received a warning from the staff of Goonstation Forums.
stop being such a pedantic and annoying on purpose dude


Yeah crystal clear

Another dev has me on their shitlist because putting a trigger warning on a Wikipedia article is beyond too difficult.

Whatever - be a stinky and give me warnings just because you can that's totally fair it's your forum and you can act like a bully on it if you want.

I'm going to go play PS3 with all my cool homies. Frick you guys.

Actually, just give me a little background on HeadSurgeon and I'll write the damn disclaimer myself. Put my skills as an "annoying pedant" to good use. Anyone can edit the Wiki right?

It's a free internet encyclopedia, yes?
Have you really just invented an entire scandal to vomit out as a smokescreen to distract from making a terrible thread?
I'm not going to get lectured on "inventing" anything by the individual whose first post on my thread was an irrelevant and markedly scurrilous fabrication. If I wanted to I could have just sat around and poked holes in the narratives you provided after you and Zamu decided you really wanted this thread in General to be about my ban.

So now it's about HeadSurgeon. I'm not going to take credit for a thread which you undeniably contributed to derailing becoming about some obscure yet incredibly visible Wikipedia article that blatantly conflicts with your content restrictions.
(10-14-2021, 03:04 PM)Sov Wrote: I cant be bothered to read this

can someone sum this up for me in 10 words or less? Thanks



it is a bad thread
And I shouldn't have to explain that with the recent re-enabling of the Head Surgeon gimmick job that page is going to be absolutely peaking in traffic. Isn't it even hyperlinked to in that job's article? A little bit of a "heads-up you're about to read some really obscene humor but it's from a bot so don't worry" would go a long way.
please, and i mean this in the nicest possible way, stop posting

you: probably sitting on a computer trying your best to oppress my right to shitpost

me: grinding this mgr:r platinum trophy with my phone in my lap and a joint on my lip baby
Wow. Dev tyranny. Thread locked. Unbelievable.

As all good things have to come to an end I guess I'll remind everyone that this is the "I can't call people fascists in-game for arresting me? Hey isn't it weird that we can joke about Communism even though Communists killed way more people than Nazi Germany?" guy, since I'm told the reason this is locked is that we don't want this to devolve into people remembering him as that WaCkY sHiTpOsTer.

Stivkin, since I know you're reading this:

You've already racked up an 80%(how???) warning level in like 3 days of posting so if your next post comes before you wait a month and appeal your ban I'm going to forum ban you out of general principle.
I don't really undstand what's going on here. It seems like you think the administration hates you or something because you got banned once? But I've never even heard of you until this thread and I think most admins here had also never heard of you, and it's pretty hard to hate someone you didn't know existed.
People get banned and appeal those bans all the time, typically we don't hate them.

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