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Why do you hate me? [HEAT OF THE DESERT]
If I'm no longer allowed to play because I don't understand your rules... and I'm not allowed to ask you guys about the rules so I can better understand them; well I guess I'll just go frick myself. I'm sure staring at them again will give me some guidance. You guys so often mistake incompetence for malice. And I think you're pushing these speech rules to their absolute extremes. How come the first rule isn't "don't talk about the rules" eh?

Why wasn't the simple option to just PM me and simply delete whatever message offended them? I've been playing here for a little while now, but  I can't possibly deem to know every single hot topic and personal trigger for each individual player, you're asking way too much of me here. 

I didn't come here to destabilize. I don't want to talk about your personal opinions or politics. Frankly, my life is so fucked right now that I just don't give a shit about it. I come here to distract myself from all of that crap. I know I have no rights to "free speech" on your server. But to just silence me and make me disappear like I was always just a crapstain on your community? That's harsh. Frankly - I feel like I'm being singled out, and I'm sure understand that can't be a good feeling. Why do you feel the need to inflict that on another person? Yeah, it's over the internet. But I spend a lot of my time here.

This is not an appeal, I know I am allowed to be on your forums only at your discretion. To those who will make that decision, if you don't want a mildly grim experience report of my time spent interacting with staff staying here then go ahead and remove it. I mean no disrespect, but the surgical precision with which you have extradited me from your community has greatly taken me aback. Though others can learn from my own grief. This situation is admittedly ambiguous and I'm sure you'd rather it just disappear than deal with the headache of unraveling it. It's only natural for you to do what's convenient even if it means making someone else's life a little darker.

To those who manage to read this whom aren't among staff: respect these guys like your life absolutely depends on it. Those rules are not joking around, this is their little patch of land and they will not hesitate to grab the rifle and cap your stupid ass from the shaded comfort of their porch. 

Anyways that's my rant, now it's time for the tide to return to the ocean. Don't talk about the rules, appeals, bans... any of that. That is not a matter for discussion in this thread. If you feel like you've ever felt completely alone within any community, I'd love to hear your story. Misery loves company after all. Play nice everyone, and good luck in space!

Also don't mention anything having to do with mental health on here if it would normally come up in your story. That pinned resources post is not actually an invitation to discuss that kind of stuff as I've learned the hard way. Even staff will just make fun of you for it.
You were warned repeatedly about language and when called on both your language and your decision to make an n2o gas chamber during an RP round you opted to have a weird rule meltdown with an admin.

It went about as well I am sure most of you reading this are expecting.
you should really post your ban reason because i think it does a really good job of explaining why you aren't welcome here
since he posted this in general discussion instead of appeals does that mean we can peanut post
i'll allow it

e: this doesn't mean it's allowed, just that i'm cool with it. doubly so until homie here posts their ban reason, if they wanna talk like that
This isn't an appeal, it's posted in the general forum so the standard general forum rules apply.
Okay, pal let's be clear - you're the one instigating now. I didn't want this thread to be about this! I specifically stated what I wanted this thread to be about stories of being isolated from a community and now you're putting on a little show in general when you could just delete it or whatever. I don't get why you're out for my blood,  I'm starting to think I should really be filing a staff report now. 

Aren't you the same admin, sorry - developer, who is too busy to handle your own appeals? Yet you certainly do have the time to come and harangue me on the forums. I don't think you can simultaneously 🐛fix while you're here legitimately s##tposting off-topic in my thread. Respectfully, cut that crap out. I appreciate what you do and the effort you put into making my favorite game better Bro but I'm not going to let you walk all over me without good reason.

I'm not evading, I know what rules I actually broke. About half of the reasons for my ban aren't valid, and if I was ever given a chance to provide my side before you silently busted out the sploded clause on me... teleported me in front of everyone so it was obvious you were doing it to amuse yourself. Which must be convenient for you because you don't want to be bothered with all those nonsense appeals anyway. I feel like I was supposed to just eff off forever like your rude ban message implied, never to appeal and never to let my side of the story even be examined. Does that work for you or are you going to actually have a conversation with me? Not here, though.

This thread isn't for talking about bans or appeals on this server and I made it fairly clear. It was the one rule of the thread actually and you failed to read it. Very ironic. PM me if you want to talk about that so badly. I'm not going to be your power-trip spectacle dude.
How could you Zam? You violated a declared Thread Rule.
Despite your rank, we're both equals and equally responsible for looking out for our fellow spaceman. Each individual case you handle should be handled with respect and dignity befitting a human being at the very minimum. The way you've been treating me shows a complete disregard for those basic principles. And no I don't mean rights because we have none, but you should at least endeavor to treat me with a little bit of human god-damned decency however.

(10-12-2021, 01:27 AM)Mrfishstick Wrote: How could you Zam? You violated a declared Thread Rule.

You're really just going to keep making fun of me? What the hell did I even do to you. Go away.

Of course it's admins coming in here to taunt me off topic so I can't get rid of their God damned posts. You already banned me twice please stop harassing me
Because, quite simply, you are basing your entire thread on a falsehood.

"If I'm no longer allowed to play because I don't understand your rules..."
"... I know what rules I actually broke. About half of the reasons for my ban aren't valid ..."

You can't have it both ways, and I'm responding to you to make sure that everyone else get the message: I know what you're doing here, and you aren't going to fool anyone.

Here is your ban message, with slight improvements to its formatting now that it's not on one line. All of the reasons in this were from the most recent two rounds you played.

Quote:Banned from all servers by zamujasa, reason:

You said, "Okay but show me in the rules That I HAVE READ Where it says that": Sure, asshole, my pleasure.

1. Don't grief. This includes ... setting up death traps ...; grief subpage: Theft - if the item either isn't really important or can be easily replaced

- a can of n2o is in the armory because it's extremely important.
- stealing the captain's spare is grand theft.
- i shouldn't have to explain why a n2o chamber is grief.

2. Listen to the admins

- We've told you to knock it off with this language shit before and you didn't.

4. Bigotry and sexual content is a non-negotiable hard 'no'.
- "We're all autistic stop acting like common sense is common"
- "Oh man now you can see my unmentionables"
- "You go home and play with yourself to this moment"
- "I bet you get off on it HARD"

RP-4. Don'â't use OOC information or knowledge that your character would not reasonably be aware of just to give yourself an advantage.
RP-7. Stay in your lane

- breaking into the armory, setting up copies of the teleporter, building a deathtrap are all wildly out of scope for a 'head surgeon'.

RP-9. Look out for everyone

- If you want to play around with your N2O gas chamber, don't get to just decide that it's okay because you let them go after stripping all their items.

NOTE-6. Sploded Clause
- saying things like...
- "Fucking fascist prick" in response to getting arrested for breaking into the armory or
- "You hurt a lot of small animals as a child"
- "You think I give a shit little fucking whore"
- all is the cherry on the shit sundae that is your time on this server.

Thanks for claiming to have read the rules, too, since that means you have no excuse for this. See you never.

duration: Permanent

ADDENDUM: Oh, yeah, homie tried to do some premeditated murder shit after getting arrested for stealing Sec headsets, breaking into the bridge, stealing the Captain's spare, etc etc etc. repeatedly. He threw one of the teleporter beacons out the south end of Cog escape, then tried to open a portal under the security people arresting him.

On the other hand:
Quote:It was the one rule of the thread actually and you failed to read it.
real talk do you actually think this thread makes you look good
First things first, I am legitimately diagnosed with autism, hence the overbearing wordiness and fixation on very specific mechanics. Lots of my friends who play this game are also on the spectrum, that's part of why I like playing here. How does that even sound like a disparaging remark dude, I said WE as in me included. And I have read the rules. A mentor had to clarify to me about breaking into armory, in fact that's why I said "Don't assume common sense is actually common here." The mentor tried to say that it's not in the rules but it's common sense and essentially just called me an idiot for breaking a rule that wasn't written. I also thought stealing the Captain's spare on extended to sell it would be fine as long as I didn't use it for anything. Also I never had to break anything in that situation, and isn't there a safe full of them?

"Unmentionables" was obviously just me saying "Oh no I am naked!" so I don't know why you included it this game has words like tits and ass, coded into it and you're also okay with calling people dicks. The last two were legitimate, however I want to point out that I was just VERY drunk but still in-character and got carried away while trying to DISTRACT the Head of Security so I could use the hand teleporter in my chest to escape. It was not intended as an attack on the player it was meant purely to assist me in escaping arrest. My pulse was legitimately racing because if I didn't manage to keep him from making me naked I wouldn't have survived space.

I broke into the armory for a good reason, there was legitimately no N2O left on the station besides in there. Medical knew I needed bit but I'd accidentally used the entire amount they gave me. Admittedly, I shouldn't have taken the whole tank, in retrospect I should have filled the empty tanks with some of the N2O but again - quite drunk. By the way I don't believe the armory thing happened when I was Head Surgeon. So props to whoever was carrying that grudge not only between rounds but between different characters.

I was playing as Punished Venom Bill, the Technical Assistant. With all of my characters I use pod start (regardless of whether it's Oshan because I'm a gamer) so I took him to Space Diner, finished the half-constructed teleporter, and then went to build another one at the tech outpost. This takes about 8m total, more if I get distracted. He was a miscreant with I believe a goal to make his own business. The idea I came up with was "Punished Bill's Quik n Dodgy Telesurgery" which was an off-station room filled with N2O where he could take consenting individuals to do really speedy sketchy surgery (and possibly steal your kidney while he's at it) from essentially any place on the station and get them back where they were instantly as well! Would have been amazing if a security officer hadn't bumbled into the portal while he was still setting up the room.

Bill panicked, "If he calls for help then Security will be all over the tech outpost to arrest me for this." Bill had to be quick - if the officer tried to hold his breath he could simply get up and stun baton him. In a hurry, he stripped the poor unfortunate Secoff down to his underwear. He didn't have time to check his pockets. After stripping him he picked the officer up from the dirty outpost floor and tossed him through the hand tele portal to the space diner. Upon relieving the man of his gear, Bill followed him through to portal to relay his message. "I'll give you your gear back if you promise not to pursue me." The officer shrugged and after a long pause reluctantly agreed to his terms. Bill knew that this officer was already well and truly too pissed to care about his offer, but returned the gear to him anyway. Save for his trusty stun baton, no Bill figured that as soon as he returned the baton to the officer they would endeavor to use it to arrest him! So instead Bill went up to a stranger, handed them the stun baton, opened a portal to the location of the half-naked policeman told them "There's a man on the other side of this portal. This belongs to him, would you return it for me?" Well Bill got him to hop through the portal and the officer had everything returned to them. And everyone lived happily ever after right? Unfortunately there's still the matter of the unattended room full of N2O. 

You see, the only way to get to this room was via a single teleporter destination. In all likelihood, the chances that someone ended up going there accidentally before were pretty small. That was until Bill was being chased down the halls by security and being forced to use his teleporter to get away. So unwittingly of me or my character, people were ending up trapped in the room while I wasn't there to help them get out. To make matters worse, since I was distracted taking care of the officer who had witnessed my crimes, I didn't remember to add any air in there. In hindsight, I should have realized you can't breathe pure N2O but like I've mentioned before... Drunk.

Now the Head of Security and me trying to grab them. The destination of the teleporter you mentioned was just outside the public area of the Mining Outpost, not space as you incorrectly reported. Kenneth had witnessed that Head of Security giving restrained prisoners swirlies in Stir's Stir's toilet just a while earlier. That's why she brought up all that stuff about getting pleasure from bullying people, because she literally saw him doing that. In both mine and Kenneth's views, respect is something that should be difficult to earn and simple to revoke. She refused to even acknowledge that man's authority, even going so far as to make fun of it. The words chosen were in CLEAR violation of your rules and for that I apologize. I was legitimately angry as a motherfucker out of game at this SecHead. To the point where I admit I wanted to make sure he had to fight me to get onto the shuttle. I was planning to race him to the only pod with a wormhole drive at the Mining Outpost. I thought it would be a nice climax to our full-round rivalry, and an apt response to his attempt earlier in the round to space me. So yes I did legitimately try and grab him and teleport him with me to the Outpost, but nothing he couldn't have easily recovered from since I wasn't much of a physical threat anyhow

(10-12-2021, 02:54 AM)Mouse Wrote: real talk do you actually think this thread makes you look good

What makes you think I care about my image on your forum? And also who asked you? If you're going to be a prick don't post.

Now that you've gotten the satisfaction of actually doing an appeal for once but for some reason it's in general discussion because you're an actual troll... please help me clean up this thread so it can be used for people talking about their experiences. That's what I made it for, and unless you have a reason to ban me from your forums let me have my one post since I'm already permanently losing access to my favorite server. What's the point in kicking a guy while he's down?
i am going to add the chronicles of punished bill as a book to my office when i wake up in a few hours. this is art
Thanks I was kinda just waiting for someone to give me a good reason to tell the story because it was a wild god-damned ride
It's a wild read, that's for sure! Shame you weren't an antag and so shouldn't have done like 80% of it.

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