Mentor Application - Jason Wolfe/Torch
Usual character name: Jason Wolfe/ Torch
BYOND username: AGreywolfe
Discord username (if you are on our discord): Greywolfe#0117
Recommended by (if applicable): N/A
Goon servers you play: Morty/Sylvester
Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum): I started playing SS13 in January of this year. My first rounds were spent roaming around aimlessly as a staff assistant on classic 1 as I had no idea how to play or what to play as. It was only after observing a few rounds as an engineer and following some advice to play on the RP server that I actually started to learn this game and, more importantly, enjoying the game. Since then I have played on and learned most departments on station and can easily teach others how to do those jobs. It was after I taught a completely new player that had no idea what they were doing how to successfully run every single engine type by themselves that I realized that half the fun of this game is teaching others how to play as well, it also serves as a good opportunity to refresh my skills. Since teaching that person ive taught many people how to work in every department save for science.
              Since the start of September, we have been in the midst of a massive wave of new players joining the servers, while there are a few rotten eggs in the bunch, a lot of the players I see are just as I was when I first started playing. They act nervous and stay away from seemingly tough tasks because they have trouble understanding the basic controls of the game. Its only when seasoned players reach out to those players and show them that SS13 is a game that’s easy to learn but hard to master that these players start getting more interested in the game and start reaching out into new areas and dying in more glorious and fun ways. Ive personally seen how simple interactions with these new players like “hey heres how you do x” can make a player’s entire round. I personally enjoy doing stuff like that.
              Its only natural that I apply to become a mentor as I have been helping people throughout my entire time on the RP server. Whether it be teaching people how to do crazy things like the 11X11 singularity or even the small things, like splicing genes to make them safe to give to other players, ive always been willing to help people and personally find it very enjoyable. Theres nothing better than teaching someone to do things as good as you can, because they can only get better from there.

So, my experience in this game:

Civilian department: I always keep bartender, rancher and Janitor as my regular job slots for when I don’t feel like doing the other departments. While I don’t play botanist, rancher gives me plenty of knowledge on how to work hydroponics. Ive answered many questions from players in this department

Medical: I play Doctor very often as a backup for when my main roles are taken, I know the basics of saving a human life very easily. Robotics used to be my primary job in Med/Sci and as such I know a lot about building borgs, making medbots, and butchering people. Genetics, my current go to for playing Med/Sci. im well versed in how to properly run the entire genetics system, and have taught many geneticists how to properly work it as well

Engineering:  Everyone knows that engineering wont be a problem when Jason Wolfe signs on as the CE. Ive spent probably the most time in this department between engineering, mining, and quartermaster.  There are few questions ive had from these three areas that I couldn’t answer. I have experience with mechanics however was never able to get interested in it.

Silicon: my second most played department, there are very few who don’t know Torch the AI and those that do know him know that he is a very capably AI/borg that can run any module and can easily teach new borgs and people how to do any task in the previously mentioned departments. Admittedly this is my most troublesome department as well, as the strict laws make a very fine line that’s very easy to cross and violate the server rules, ive been Ahelped a few times, and all of them were because of this department, however nothing was ever egregious enough to warrant a ban.

Science: tried it, didn’t like it, don’t know enough about it to answer questions about things like toxins and telesci, I have some experience in chemistry from my time as bartender and doctor, but the more complicated stuff is beyond me.

Command: ive played as captain, CE, and HOP and I personally feel like I know all three enough to answer any question that people may have

Security: I started playing sec more at the end of August and know most systems well enough to teach them to others, while I personally don’t think im good enough at the department to try for a HOS app yet, I know for sure that I can teach new assistants how to run the department and treat their fellow players with respect when making arrests.
Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): None
Jason Lad its great te see ye!

I love playing with Jason, he does fantastic in every department and is one of the folks who helped me a long my way in Engineering.

Strong +1 from this wrench slinger
seen Wolfe teach tons of people engineering for half a year at least; handles things with an element of comedy
Jason was one of the first extended RP sessions I had when I first started playing the game. He was the bartender, and I was barely able to walk around and interact, but I had a very nice introduction to the RP side of SS13 and Goonstation. On one round I was Captain, and if memory serves, Jason was a sec officer. The AI needed to be reset, and I had no idea how to do it. Jason accompanied me into the upload, and walked me through the entire process in a clear, concise way, letting me take the lead but showing me how to accomplish it. I've also been playing a lot of rounds as AI, and Torch...everyone should have heard of Torch! I've taken a lot of inspiration and pointers from how Torch interacts with the crew and does his job into my own play style. AI has become one of my favorite jobs, and I began playing it mostly because Torch inspired me to. Finally, for a good while I was playing engineer to learn that side of the game, and Jason as CE is a great boss. He provided me many tips, watched over me to make sure I wasn't making mistakes, and always let me know when I was doing a good job.

All and all, any round Jason or Torch is in is always enhanced by their mere presence. He would make a great asset as a mentor, due to his calm and helpful demeanor, as well as delivering information in a clear and straightforward way while letting the player take the lead. Huge +1!
I'm always happy when I see Jason or Torch in game. They're always reliable and happy to help. I'm sure they'd continue those habits with mentor
Very much yes. Mopsys favorite AI is Torch. Beyond that though they are a wealth of knowledge in several departments and actively help new and older players alike.
Jesus, this thread was buried... Lets bring it up to the surface, because I feel like you could be a great Mentor and you not getting a chance to gather more support due to this thread being buried would be criminal!

Yes from me! Jason has a wide spectrum of knowledge, with obviously his key focus being in Engineering. I know this because he was the one that taught me how to setup an 11x11 Singularity on Donut3, back when I first started learning Engineering WAAAAAAY after I first started playing the game, due to my experiences with learning Engineering being pretty sloggish. A lot of Engineering Nerds don't tend to like sharing what they know, but Jason is always happy to do so! Given some Mentor tools, I believe he could make the teaching phase of Engineering a lot less of a slog.

Yeah, pretty calm and helpful in discord. I think they'd do well.

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