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Weedlord100 banned by rodneydick
I was banned by rodneydick
Byond Key: -  Weedlord100
Date of Ban: -  Dec 23 2020
Specified Reason for Ban: - unknown (can't rember and no reason listed)
Ban Length: -permanent 
What led to the ban?: -unknown(can't rember)
Why am I appealing?: - i miss playing roles, the allowed ones are getting stale
Which rule did you break?: -unknown(no reason listed)

i wish i could give more information, sorry.
Hello. You are currently banned from a total of 4 different role types, by two separate admins. Can you provide us any examples of the things you won't repeat if we decide to remove your job bans?
i will never wrongfully harm someone, try to block off hallways, ignore duties, kill as a non antag, or abuse my power.

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