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Making the chemicomplier chemistries advantage at chem.
One of the issues Ive heard about chemistry for interdepartmental cooperation is simply that others job can do it as well as them, such as a doctor being able to make more styptic with the same ease as scientist. While I do believe that thanks to many scientists joining just to test hellchems and the like (much more of a design issue with scientist then a problem issue), this is a needed band aid, scientists should have something extra to give them an advantage of chemistry. Here comes the chemicomplier, currently its a highly complicated obtuse thing with only niche practical applications for specific hellmixes. Several changes could make chemicomplier more accessible and more useful.

1. Replace chemfuck. Chemfuck is very obtuse, and by far most easily used via an outside program. This is not good design! Since several people have spent lots of time making these scripts, Id strongly suggest chemfuck still should be compatible, however all the guides and stuff should move to this new language. For a good example of what this new language could look like, Id suggest looking at several chemfuck translators, such as chemfard:, and uhh this unnamed one: This would make chemicomplier much easier to write for and much less of a pain.

2. Chemicomplier being able to directly synthesis basic chems at the cost of apc power and time. For basic chems that are available at a chem dispenser, this should require a reasonable amount of power in the grid to not kill the apc (like 400 kw or so), and take around 1 second for 2 units of chems. Perhaps different speed modes, each one increasing power drainage? Chemicomplier should also be able to synthesis chems like welding fuel but these would basically be an apc killer due to there complex nature (or well more aptly, balance reasons). This would make chemicomplier much more robust at making and mass producing chems.
making the chemicomplier useful to people other than SUPER NERDS seems like a good idea, I'm not really sure what the chemicomplier actually DOES, but i think the idea is its a machine that automatically makes chemicals? which could be intresting and useful if its not impossible to use
Chemicompiler doesn't have a really big use, everything you can do with it can be done about as a fast by a player, thus I don't see a point in making it more "accessible" by removing it"s only gimmick, you don't learn it to get good at chemistry, you learn it to say you did and then brag like a nerd.
It can do stuff like isolate chems.

Honestly, I feel it'd be nice to make it more accessible. Hardly anyone *actually* uses chemfuck for complex programs, I think?
This is really a very similar situation to telesci, you shouldn't need outside tools to use 80% of a features potential.

I feel like the hard part of changing that would probably be finding someone willing to go into the chemicomp code and rewrite it.^^
If we wanna make chemicomplier more useful and not just a thing for nerds then I think itd be pretty good to make it not just a thing for nerds to brag about. Also yeah what zjd said, hardly anyone actually learns chemfuck anyways and just uses an external calculator.
think i'm a big, if not the biggest chemicompiler dweeb so i'll say this:
it's not *THE* chemistry tool, it's just the fastest chemistry tool for complex chemistry.

Chemistry has a variety of chemistry-only benefits, like the test chamber, monkeys, no real obligations.

interdepartmental comms:
Medical didn't used to have chem facilities outside of Viro but the truth is interdepartmental communication is *desirable* when it works, but awful when it doesnt. medical going dry on the most boring, basic chems because the scientists are doing fun science was just too common of an occurrence.

its actual strength:

to put it in scope, if you think the chemicompiler is not powerful, play chemist and make exactly 100 units of epinephrine by hand with welding fuel and the dispenser. the chemicompiler can do that in about 15~20 seconds.
furthermore it's impossible to easily do single beaker chemistry when you're looking to have end-results of more than one chemical in a beaker.

chemgroups do simple~moderate reactions faster but chemgroups are limited in size, complexity, heating, reaction order etc. if a chemgroup can't do it, the chemicompiler can.

buffing it:
if some coder thinks it's a better idea than leaving it as is i wouldn't complain about having yet more power in it, but with synthesis it'd just become chemgroups v2, and open up the comp to all sorts of annoying garbage like smoke and LDM synthesizers.

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