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Lifted 0Cookies0 Banned by studenterhue
Who banned you?: - studenterhue

Byond Key: Cookies00

Discord Username: Cookies#0544

Date of Ban: - It's been a fat minute. Over a year, at least, I don't remember the exact date.

Specified Reason for Ban: -   
Reason: Minutes after being told not to use "gay" as pejorative, did it again. ([58:5.5] Fort Nite (Cookies00) [T] SAY: Sec gay (117,66,1 in Research Sector) ). You logged out before you could be talked to about this (again), so I'm permabanning you to forums, not to punish you, but so you can read the rules and understand why what you did was wrong. Once you've read the rules, write an appeal to get this lifted at our unban appeal subforum

Ban Length: - Permanent until appealed.

What led to the ban?: - I was being childish and throwing around 'gay' at everything I didn't like, at least in-character.

Why am I appealing?: - Just want to get back on the server. I understand that what I did may offend some people and I apologize on that end and I apologize to the moderator as well for causing the trouble.

Which rule did you break?: Rule 4. Bigotry and sexual content is a non-negotiable hard 'no'  - Specifically, using 'gay' as a derogatory term.
Evasion Attempts: - I haven't touched any of the Goonstation servers since I was banned.
Good to see you here. Little story: last year, I activated another forum account of yours that you seem to have forgotten, so I was anticipating an appeal from you at the time. Apparently you decided not to make one then, though. That was a little sad, because like the ban reason says, this wasn't a "fuck off, forever" deal. The idea was to make you learn what the rules are and recognize how you might have broke them on your own in lieu of an admin having a conversation with you about it, so I was feeling pretty lenient and would not had have very strict standards about the quality of the appeal .

Anyways, this is a solid appeal. Ban's been lifted.

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