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Angel (Hauntmachine) Mentor Application
Usual character name: Angel Copper/Raven Copper
Byond username: Hauntmachine
Discord username (if you are on our discord): HauntedAngel#8592
Recommended by (if applicable): Bartimeus (Viridis Varanis)
Goon server you play: Morty and Heisenbee

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum): I've been considering applying for some time now but was concerned that I wouldn't be very useful as a mentor due to lacking more encompassing knowledge about the game and having doubts about whether or not I'd be "good" at helping people. However, a few kind individuals have told me not to worry so much about that, and that it's more important simply to be kind and patient as a mentor, not necessarily be someone who knows each and every little thing about the game. To that end, I think I finally feel confident enough in myself to apply for mentor!

As for why I want to apply to mentor, I quite simply want to do my part in helping guide along players who are newer to the game and making the systems in goonstation more accessible to everyone! Since I started playing on goonstation this year, I've fallen in love with the server and the community... forgive me for sounding "mushy". I sincerely believe that goon has had an incredibly positive effect on my mental state coming off of the absolute fiasco that was 2020, and I really want to give something back to the server. Part of what made the game really easy to get back into this year was how kind and welcoming the mentors were, and I firmly believe that the mentor system is one of the most important things in the server that make it a great place for everyone. I would like to help contribute to that system, and do my part in ensuring that everyone feels welcomed and has a nice group of people to rely on for learning the game. I would like to give something back to this server that has quite frankly done a lot for me. 

I enjoy helping new players in general, and I consider them to be very important to the overall health of the goonstation server, and I think that the additional tools provided to mentors would enable me to help out those new players more effectively. Perhaps I might not end up being the most knowledgeable mentor around, but I can say with certainty that the strong desire to help people is there!

As far as my game experience goes, I'm primarily a security main, with HoS being what I most often play as. This has at least given me experience in teaching new players, as we get new security players fairly often. Other than security, my other most knowledgeable fields are medical (with genetics being the one role I'm not too experienced in), borg (usually as medical or chem borg), AI, and scientist (with most of my science experience being in chems, and artifact research.) I've also played a fair bit of mechanic, although I have admittedly never tried out the more complex stuff of the role, such as MechComp. 

Thank you for your consideration!

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): None to my knowledge. 

sop babys
A very good player that really does like to help folk. Uh, I'm bad at writing long things for this.
For sure. Angel has always been friendly ingame and on discord. They're willing to answer questions, and actively seek to help others. Additionally, I can confidently trust that they would not use information obtained by mentorhelps to metagame. Definitely plus one from me.
Yes Angel is very nice and helpful I'm on my phone so not gonna write much but I've played a few rounds with her and she's good. Also nice on discord.

Angel is a person i have mostly seen playing as a security officer. They've always been kind, fair and attentive. They've also always provided some solid rp, dont try to shut down stories or antagonists and have some all around decent knowledge of the station. I've seen them teach people, wether in security or while patrolling, and i have no doubt they'd extend the same kindness to mentorhelps.
All around a very positive person that i'm always delighted to see on the station.

A solid +1
YES YES YEEEES, shes really eager to help, and does a great job teaching new players in sec. I can see this working game-wide, when they can be attentive, have patience and the will to get someone included in this nice space game we got.
I messed up and missed my chance to comment on their HoS application, but I'm not making that mistake again. Hauntmachine would make a wonderful mentor. They're kind, knowledgeable, and an awesome player to be around. +1
I saw them help a new player on goon1 the other day, they are also nice, would be a good mentor. +1
attentive, positive, has a good sense when people need help and might need to be poked a little.
I haven't really interacted a lot with them in game recently (or so I think). But I've seen them being helpful on multiple occasions on discord ! They seem to know their things and are in general quite friendly ! I think they'd be a very good fit as a mentor !
hmm. yes
Yeah. Surprised you didn't put me down as a reference.

Great attitude, always positive, great person all around.
Very friendly and helpful! I think they'd be a great mentor!
+1 Angel is always very kind, polite and friendly! i feel they would be a great teacher and would be able to help and mentor lots of players very well!
we havent interacted much, but i think they would be a great mentor! they are always friendly, kind and helpful, on discord too, so its a +1 from me!!

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