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Engineers and RCD
In short I am a CE main who plays on RP, and main from time to time. Engineers get a lot of flack for not repairing the station but the main reason is pretty simple, destroying/damaging the station is very fast and relatively easy to do (and very hard to stop). Repairing the station is both tedious, slow and there's a good chance for instance in the medbay that if responsible antag realizes your actually repairing it, they will break you and then the medbay again. The main exception to this is the engineer borg. This is also attached to other things I will mention, namely why don't engineers all get an RCD by default, and why didn't the CE get the delux RCD that the old CW had. Why is RCD ammo so scarce and frustrating to source? Engineers will be far more likely (and willing) to repair sections of the station or respond to emergencies if they can relatively quickly patch up holes. Construction is something that would be ideally re-worked to be less tedious and a little more balanced, but giving the engineers some kind of RCD by default (either on spawn or in locker) would go along way to alleviating the problems in terms of station repair. Other code bases don't have these complaints for their engineers and the main difference is that their engineers have RCD's by default and the RCD is even more powerful (can make fabs/computer frames, different types of airlocks etc). 

I was talking about this on the discord and someone made the pretty good suggestion of just making a PR, where engineers get a slowly self charging RCD that takes a while to fully charge into the normal 50 units (starting off empty?). This would still mean carrying a fair few resources would be superior to the RCD (traditional repairing) but small rapid/emergency repairs are still possible, it would also help with the "well time to break into the CE's office again because no CE spawned in to vent the engine". Other small changes could be done to these normal RCD's so that they cannot rapidly deconstruct reinforced walls (think the armoury/ai upload), or have heavy restraints on deconstruction. Engineer borgs have an incredibly powerful kit and have a very simple time repairing the station (given they have every material on hand and their RCD essentially goes on for as long as they have power)and again as CE main, only when im playing cyborg am I willing to do a thorough repair for the above reasons, otherwise ill just plug the hole and repressurize the area and hope mechanics will replace lost machines . They also get the best RCD in game. 

Im passing this suggestion here for discussion (made by Danger Noodle#9588 on discord, aka Sophie/Computron) before setting about making a PR to make sure I don't end up wasting time with this being at least out right rejected (as well as other suggestions and criticisms). 
Hi, idea person here. I also mentioned that the engi RCD could make stuff from a material in a similar fashion to cardboard (with slightly higer HP) where you could hit it a bunch to destroy the wall so grief could be countered more easily if it's still a problem.
Personally Id like to see RCDs as something mining has to work for in order for engineers to get there hands on, would promote the idea that these jobs are in the same department more.

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