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Lifted Dorian_joestar banned by Pali6
[Who banned you?: - pali6
Byond Key: - Dorian_joestar
Discord Username: - Lord general #1781 ( I'm not on the goon discord)
Date of Ban: - 8-7moth ago ?
Specified Reason for Ban: - Attack people as non-antagonist with no rp on the RP server, you already got tempbanned for this once. Also you did this literally a few hour after I had to yell at you for ghostdrone grief, I went to a bar on the rp server the bartender asked me to go out but I refused so I started to fight against everyone, on the no rp server I spawn in ghostdrone is I have blocked players in places. I'm so sorry for all of this I didn't mean to troll I had a bad day and got carried away I'm sorry.
Ban Length: - How long is it for? This is a permanent ban applies to all servers.
What led to the ban?: - i had a bad day i was a bit drunk and i started doing shit you can see the reason at the top it was really stupid of me i'm sorry i'm rarely like that when i come on a server is for playing and not destroying the experience of other players goon was my first server when I started on ss13.
Why am I appealing?: - I am really sorry for what I did that day I was in depression and I was a bit drunk I did anything on the server I accept my ban and I think it is fair. this is the last time i do shit i'm a fairly experienced player in high rp and med rp i apologize this will not happen again, why did i take so long for this unban request? I have a problem with the forums and unfortunately I lost my account on your forum so I had to create a new one
Which rule did you break?: - Rules 2,Rules 10.]
You should probably mention the evasion attempts in the ban appeal (assuming the ones I see was you). But whatever, it's been a long time ago, unbanned. Don't screw it up this time.

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