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Denied Re: WetTowelette banned by captainbravo
Kinda baffling that the thread was locked so I can't even respond to what you had written about "I just didn't think naming myself Tyrone Watermelon seemed that racist" - CaptainBravo as I had never stated or referred to not seeing how Tyrone Watermelon can be seen to be racist. A  forced death and simple private message stating to change your name or else a you will be permanently banned as there was nothing explicitly stated within the rules that having such a character can be bannable.

-"Warnings aren't necessarily required. Although in general the admins will do their best to have a discussion about any given conflict before enacting a punishment, there are some cases where communication is either impossible or nonproductive.":
How else can I show that a simple private message would have been impossible or nonproductive if I would put this much effort in getting unbanned in the first time playing Space Station 13 staying on one server for more than 3 days? Why would I put this much effort if I didn't know that what I had did can be seen to be wrong and racist? How would I know that Space Station 13 servers would treat this being a bannable offense if this was my first server I had stayed to keep on playing this game, based on my previous experiences in other servers literally even minecraft?

-"Play as a coherent, believable character that you enjoy portraying. Real life realism is not required, and you are allowed to be silly within the context of the SS13 game world. (Clowns, farting on people, people spontaneously combusting and exploding are all non-serious things but yet a vital part of the game world.) At the end of the day, it is very likely your character wants their employment with Nanotrasen to continue. As such, they should act like it. Playing as a violent or otherwise psychologically unstable character is not a valid reason to cause harm to others or damage to the station unless you are an antagonist. Only minor criminal activity is permitted." :
As stated in the previous thread continued; I never acted, stated anything about African Americans, or anything about race explicitly or in a demeaning manner within the 3 days I had started to play this server. Properly emoting as a believable person and portraying an individual that was coherent, and you can check the logs for any discrepancies in what I am saying.
It is not a month from the date of your last appeal (the amount of time I told you to wait), so what's really baffling is that you posted this thread at all. Go and have a serious thought about whether you actually expect anyone to believe you didn't intend anything bad by naming yourself "Tyrone Watermelon" and come see me in a month.

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