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Denied WetToweltte banned by captainbravo
Who banned you?: captainbravo
Byond Key: WetTowelette
Discord Username: N/A
Date of Ban: October 10
Specified Reason for Ban: You can appeal this ban when you feel like you can explain why playing a black character named "Tyrone Watermelon" is inappropriate.
Ban Length: Permanent
What led to the ban?: Admins saw name then immediate ban without warning. I do not think I ever acted racist or appeared to be acting racist within this server
Why am I appealing?: Because I like this server. If this was a racist name, I am sorry as I usually default this in other games I play. If I do get unbanned, I will change my name into something more normal.
Which rule did you break?: 5. Do not name your character after political or controversial figures.
Evasion Attempts: N/A
Yeah nah. You can try again no sooner than a month from today and I expect a better answer than "I just didn't think naming myself Tyrone Watermelon seemed that racist".

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