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Gert Gerkingson banned by enakai
Who banned you?: - enakai
Byond Key: - MCGShadowGod 
Date of Ban: - I believe it was the 10th of September
Specified Reason for Ban: - Reason: 'the first rule of race riots is--', upping this to a perma, turns out you were repeatedly writing the n word on temp servers. Bye!
Ban Length: - Permanant
What led to the ban?: - As we were loading into the next round which was the space battle game mode I was reading OOC chat,  one of the comments was: “shoot people that are a different color than you” me being new to the server said: “The first rule of race riots is--” I was then sent an admin message and I apologized as I didn’t really understand the rules at the time since during my time playing in the goon servers there was always slightly funny race remarks such as “are blacks allowed on this station?” and so on. So on the server I was on I became I believe a movie star and used a pen to write slurs on the floor to be funny since other people around me were acting the same.
Why am I appealing?: - I was enjoying learning how to play with colorful characters I had around me and believe I deserve a second chance because after I was given the verbal warning I stopped doing that behavior. I was not warned previously and will not break the rules again.
Which rule did you break?: - Rule 4. It is cited in the rule that: “If an admin tells you to knock something off because it breaks the no bigotry or sexual content rule, that is not an invitation for debate. Knock it off or go elsewhere.” After being told by an admin that it wasn’t allowed I apologized by saying “my bad.” which could have been worded better but , I promptly stopped that behavior
Evasion Attempts: -After being banned I thought I could try with a new account and not do anything stupid this time, if that counts against me I apologize for doing so.

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