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Denied EternalRed banned by tterc (Discord)
Who banned you?: - tterc (Discord)
Byond Key: - EternalRed
Discord Username: - Its a complicated name
Date of Ban: - Oct 8 2021, around 19:10 PM
Specified Reason for Ban: - Reason: "ur mom is whore" "stupid nigger die" "u are dead bi tch" - yeah, no, bye.
Ban Length: - permanent, all servers
What led to the ban?: - Well, that sounds very stupid. I live with my relative for now, and she had a guest at the time i was at work. Her friend came with a 14 years old kid, who is a big fan of minecraft, and he wandered in my room and spotted my pc, which was turned on for defragmentation. He opened a bunch of games, then opened beyond, clicked on reconnect button, logged on the rp server and started to do some stupid shit. Then he started to swear a lot, for which i was banned.
Why am I appealing?: - I found ss13 a week ago and i am a big fan of role playing games of that kind. Dunno if i should wait a month for my stupidity for not setting a password, hope some of the admins will clear this situation for me. I a, 28 years old and i m feeling very stupid for this whole situation.
Which rule did you break?: - Rp rule 2,3 i suppose
Evasion Attempts: - Yeah, he was smart enough to create RedEternal account in hopes i wont notice
Unfortunate! It also seems to me that your relative was playing the game two days before the ban happened, and earned themselves another note on your account, as the speech logs from the round you got noted for contain very similar style of writing to the logs from the round you got banned for. Huh.

Anyways, unfortunately for you:
-Permament bans can only be appealed after a month has passed (unless the ban reason states otherwise)
-Your relative will have to be the one appealing the ban, not you.

Appeal denied

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