Slugo (Sleko Espher) - Mentor Application
Usual character name: Sleko Espher / Flion / Fargo
BYOND username: FireMoose
Discord username (if you are on our discord): Slugo
Recommended by (if applicable): Monacarrow/nef
Goon servers you play: Morty/Sylvester

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum):
Since I joined the server a little over a year ago, I have grown to deeply appreciate the Goonstation community. Both the game and players create a unique environment that I cannot compare to any other community I have been in.

I remember what it feels like to be a new player. Space Station 13 has one of the steepest learning curves of any game I have played. I was only able to stick with it with the help of other players through in-game advice, the Discord server, and mentors through mentorhelp. I’d like to be able to return the favor and help the new players of today learn the game and its many deep mechanics. To that end, I’ve made a few tools including ChemiAssembler and GeneCombos. I have been giving answers on the Discord server and helping players in game when I can. However, it can be difficult to balance giving enough attention to new players to make sure they are figuring things out as well as doing my job in game. This is especially true in the medical department where failing my job can end the round for other players. Being a mentor would give me the freedom to provide help in game without needing to balance it with playing a role.

I have spent almost all my time in game on the RP servers. There I have split my time between most of the departments. The main exceptions are AI and security. AI is something I plan on exploring in the future, but I will probably not go into security since I am not as interested in PvP.

I have the most experience with medical departments and generally default to doctor. Accordingly, this is the job I have the most experience helping others with though I am comfortable enough with all medical jobs that I think I could answer most questions for all of them. I have spent a fair amount of time in science as well and I am familiar with everything there except for toxins.

In the engineering departments. I’m most experienced with the mechanic role. I’ve especially enjoyed DWAINE scripting and I feel like I could provide a lot of help to players there. I know the core mechanics of the other engineering roles, though I still have more to learn with TEG burns beyond char burns.

I’ve played all the civilian roles and I think I could answer the related questions except for rancher. I am not as experienced in that role and only know the bare basics there. I have really enjoyed playing as Fargo the clown  and I hope I can provide some help to players looking for non-antagonistic ways to have fun with the job.

As Flion, I’ve had a good few rounds as a cyborg and I think I could provide a lot of help with the role. Playing as a cyborg can be pretty different from playing as an organic both due to the laws and the significant changes to gameplay mechanics that the abilities and limitations of the role bring.

While I have never been banned or ‘talked to’ by the admins. There are a few times I have gotten OOC angry or taken something too far. I have delayed this application until 6 months after the last time something like that has happened. I am sorry for those events, and I am confident it will not happen again.

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): None
Absolutely yes from me. Incredibly helpful in the questions channel, knows their stuff, and above all super polite in and out of game.
Glad you made an application!
Sleko is incredibly helpful and knowledgeable, ontop of creating the ChemiAssembler webtool, which is an automatic +1 in my book!
+1 For sure. Great contributor and definitely knows their stuff! They've made some great tools for the community and I see them helping people out on discord a lot too (very helpful ingame too when I see em around). I think they'd make a great mentor! :)
+1 this guy knows too much.
Only started playing around March, even then they were willing to point people in the right direction and set them on their way to understanding their job. Learned basic medical under them in less than 20 minutes and was halfway competent by the end of the shift. I can honestly say I have never heard them say or do anything un-towards anyone.

Your stations best/worst clown
knowledgeable and patient, takes time to explain complex mechanics fully and step-by-step
Instant +1 from me. Sleko is extremely skilled in the dark arts of the mechanic, and is extremely sociable and helpful to any and all that approach them. They would be a boon to the mentor team.
This is a definite permanent everlasting yes. This guy is very helpful and seems to know the game and its code very well. I'm not good at writing long specific answer but:


I've watched them teach people many times and very well. I have no doubts they'll use the mentor role to continue that.

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