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DNA Scrambler Tweak/Idea
Hi I've had this fantastic(?) idea for a while but I'm not gonna make it happen myself so I'm yelling it into the forum void. Currently the DNA scrambler traitor item randomizes your identity, or randomizes someone else's identity on a delay. I think it'd be a fun buff to the item if, when used for the first time, it saved the DNA of the recipient and then injected that identity back into whoever gets hit with it again, and if the item was instant-use against other people. 

Fun implications: Would let you swap identity, do crime, swap back to cover your tracks. Or, do crime, swap identity, inject someone else to frame them. Or, steal identity of HoS and inject it into clown. Or you could just randomize and toss the injector, making it the same as current. Buy multiple and create injectors of all the heads of staff and sell them to the crew?

I think this change would make a pretty fun traitor item more fun and open up some more creative things for traitors to do. Adds deliberate situations where you can be stealing the identity of someone who's *alive*, which is funny and not really represented that much in-game right now. Thank you,,,
so basically stable mutagen without syringe delay
MIght be neat
make it one more point and I think you would see a lot more use with this buff.
If you're gonna increase the cost keep the old version around for nukeops.  12 TC is tight enough as it is

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