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Denied Darkinite Banned by Leeanei
Who banned you?: - Leeanei / Ley (discord)

Byond Key: - Darkinite
Discord Username: - IsItDarki#2456

Date of Ban: - Thursday 7th of October 2021 | 1:00 am

Specified Reason for Ban: - Minimal RP Macrobombed the Bar. This ban is only for the roleplay servers. you can still play on Classic.
Ban Length: - 7 Days (5 days left when this is posted)

What led to the ban?: - On manta, I was a medical doctor playing spy. I see that the captain's left leg was up in exchange for a macrobomb. I pretend that the captain's medical records that he has a horrible leg condition and it would need to be amputated(this is how I got the macrobomb). I see a Hotdog Bomb on contract and get it. My initial plan was to hint at the chain of command that I was a literal bomb and explode if they didn't take me seriously(I guess more setup was needed) then later into the round, I asked the bartender (overia at the time) for a really explosive-tasting drink so that I could RP that the drink really was explosive and explode in a glorious fireball to signify the end of the round(it was at 83 minutes). My plans flopped because I didn't know that the hotdog bomb doesn't actually kill you and I was honestly hung up on the fact that I was really excited for the macro bomb to go boom. So because my initial plans have failed I asked overia How many clicks with a Russian revolver before it goes off. she said 2 and well it exploded in 2 and that's when it caught Leeanei's Eye. That last part with the Russian revolver was me being fair with the macrobomb as I didn't want to set it off since my whole plan really flopped there and then. 

Why am I appealing?: - I really prefer GoonRP over main or even skyrat. Everyone is quite nice and I've made some friends recently too. I kept thinking to myself that the ban was deserved until someone in the discord told me to appeal it, so I'm here appealing so could rejoin the fun chaos on the RP servers. Since the ban, I've been rethinking the way I play antags and making gimmicks to play with.

Which rule did you break?: - 
R1 - (A fair Bit might be Grief due to negligence because I left it to luck to let the Macrobomb explode) 
RP2 - (I may have broken this rule to an extent as I am not sure if anybody actually died in the blast)**Overia survived the blast at a 2 tile range**  
RP10 - (In line with RP2 I may have broken this by not being enough of an antag, hence the minimal RP ban and being the possible cause of death and unfun to others)

Evasion Attempts: - None at all. I don't use a VPN on my laptop.

Thanks for the consideration if it was decided that I should be allowed some
I don't feel like you understand why what you did didn't reach the RP threshold. There was no clean motivation or threat, just a pun. That's not enough. This is denied.
Fair enough, thanks for the tip. I'll be seeing RP in 2 days.

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