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RP suggestion for Test Subject
Do you enjoy playing test subject, but don't know how to roleplay it, or want a new idea to do so? Well, this thread may be for you.

I always found that as test subject, you never end up actually roleplaying as, well, a test subject for genetics, since those guys usually give you your good genes and send you on your way, rather than treating you simmilar to the NPC monkeys. That's why I came up with an idea: give them instructions that allow them to test on you as they please.

In this particular case, my idea was that you're a monkey, yes, but you're sentient. How come sentient monkeys can be tested on? There must be more to your backstory. So, maybe NT messed up and made you sentient on accident? Maybe you were once human, got on CentComm's bad side, and this is your punishment? Either way, they did something to you that supresses your memories and brainwashed them into following their orders. The first order is to give a document (which you could quickly copy and paste onto some paper when you arrive) to the geneticists, as I mentioned above; this is to encourage them to actually mess you up. This document could look something like this:


Greetings, doctor.

Before you stands sentient test subject #249.
The subject has received special  training, causing it to relay this message from Dr. Brown, Nanotrasen Cloning Lab 3, to you. 
You have been assigned this test subject to further improve your genetic research, with the following rules:

1. You are allowed and encouraged to activate any and all possible mutations in the subject, so long as they do not cause harm to any other crewmembers or the station itself.

2. After you have extracted any desired mutations or otherwise used up the subjects full potential, you are free to scramble its genes as often as you see fit.

3. Should the subject die during or as a direct result of testing, be it from radiation or otherwise, you will not be held accountable for it. HOWEVER, only if rule 4 is not broken in the process.

4. The subject needs to be scanned in your stations cloning console before testing begins. Should the subject expire as a result of your actions and it is not able to be cloned, you will be charged with murder or manslaughter, depending on the circumstances.

5. In the unlikely case that the subject regains its free will, security is to be contated and the subject is to be executed immediately. It must then be cloned, which will restore its obedience.

6. In order to better fulfil the requirements of rule 4, it is recommended to fit the subject with a security issue health implant. If none is available, a standard health implant MUST be injected.

Have a productive shift.

-Dr. A. Brown, Nanotransen Cloning Department


In addition, you can also give this to security:


Greetins, Officer.

This is a message from Dr. Brown, Nanotrasen Cloning Lab 3.

Central Command has instructed your genetics department to conduct testing on sentient test subject #249, which has brought this message to you.

The subject is to be experimented on, special guidelines have been relayed to your geneticists. These guidelines include a rule allowing doctors to conduct lethal tests on the subject. However, they also state the  subject MUST be scanned for cloning first.

Should the subject die as a direct result of testing and cannot be cloned, either because of a missing scan or because no cloning apparatus is available, the responsible doctor/researcher is to be charged with murder or manslaughter, depending on the case.

For this purpose, it is recommended that the subject receives a security issue health implant. If none is available, a standard health implant is to be used. In case of the latter, other doctors are to inform security if the subject expires and does not get cloned in a timely fashion.

Should the subject show any signs of free will, it is to be executed immediately and cloned afterwards; cloning will restore its original obedience.

IMPORTANT: Detaining the subject without executing it is NOT ENOUGH and may have catastrophic consequences, should it be allowed to reach Central Command. If the subject is not executed after it has shown signs of disobedience, Nanotrasen will press charges against the station's security department. If a Head of Security is present, this document is to be relayed to them.

Thank you for your cooperation.

-Dr. A. Brown, Nanotransen Cloning department


(I'm sorry if any of the wording here sounds weird, English isn't my first language)

Now, it really depends on if sec and genetics wanna RP, because they might just ignore those instructions. But perhaps, they'll actually get involved and mess you up/keep a close eye on you.

All the while, the constant testing could lead to you regaining your memories bit by bit and trying to escape, while sec and genetics try to contain and even mabye kill and clone you (you might wanna talk this through in LOOC and assure them you're cool with that). OBVIOUSLY you gotta be careful not to self-antag and keep any destruction/harm to a minimum. Again, it depends on which players you end up with. If you do end up getting cloned, you could act like you did at roundstart, with all your memories/rebellious tendencies repressed.

What do you guys think? I'd appreciate feedback! Sleeping bee
while this does seem like a neat roleplay idea, the fact that it immediately puts such heavy constraints on the test subject player's free will seems like a sticking point for a lot of players. usually an "if this player disobeys their orders you have to immediately kill them" order is something only applied to silicons, and usually only carried out after someone's been borged as a punishment and STILL won't behave. though this could make for a really neat personal gimmick, I doubt that prompting Every test subject player to use these directives will result in more high-octane lab monkey rp overall
(10-08-2021, 11:11 AM)Waffleloffle Wrote: I doubt that prompting Every test subject player to use these directives will result in more high-octane lab monkey rp overall

oh no that's not what I meant at all! This was more of an "if you're into that kinda RP, here's an idea how to do it" and, of course, even then most people would probably change many things about it. I added the "kill on sight" part as more of a way to, maybe, cause some drama, because I doubt secoffs would actually go through with executing someone straight away.
oh in that case pretty much all my qualms about it are out the window! seems like a very cool direction to take things provided the other departments are cooperative as well

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