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Lifted acarver53 banned by grifflez
Who banned you?:grifflez

byond key:acarver53

discord username:Itshappenning#9001

date of ban:10/8/21 around 3 AM EST

Ban length:until i explain why I did what I did (permanent)

reason for ban:"Explain why you thought writing "security sock cum" on the floor was appropriate to have this lifted"

what lead to ban:it was my first round as a tourist and i had little to no idea what to do so i ran around halls and just tried to make someone laugh by writing on the floor. I admit I came off as a jerk blaming neurotoxin on my behavior, i was still trying to make someone laugh. the only reason i treated it lightly at the time was my ignorance of rule #4 including sexual speak of any kind.

why i am appealing: I love goonstation and i will follow the rules to keep playing on it. i was at first trying to make the admin laugh since thats my personality but at the time i was ignorant to the rules of the server and now see that i did wrong. i have had the most fun on this server and will do anything and everything required of me to keep playing. grifflez i am sorry if i came off as rude, i apologize sincerely.

rule broken: #4

evasion attempts: i did login on my laptops account Xronpaulx to try and say sorry to the admin before i found the forums before realizing i was could not. im not sure if this counts but im willing to be 100 percent honest with everyone.

sorry for being rude and vulgar i will not do it again and thanks for reading my appeal. I love goonstation

forgot to mention that since i tried to login to apologize i broke rule 8, as well as when i was being rude i broke rule 2. my laptops account is my friend who plays other games on byond sometimes. i apologize if this seems untrustworthy, i was only trying to tell the admin why i did what i did before i had read the appeal and noticed the bit about this forum.

once again i am very sorry and thank you for reading
Glad you understand what you did wrong, don't do it again etc. etc.

ban lifted.
thank you for lifting the ban but it still says i am banned when i try to connect.
Whoops, sorry for the slow response. Forgot to unban the account you admitted to trying to ban evade with. Now you should be unbanned.
i just tried to connect again and i am still banned. sorry for the trouble.

ok now it should be fixed??
yep that did it! thank you so much, see you around on the station!

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