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Nukie Load-out - AtmOp
Nuclear Atmospheric Specialist (aka Atmospheric Operative, AtmOp) is a load-out with heavy emphasis on controlling the battle field. While atmos op is not that strong at dealing direct damage, it is a great class for defending the nuclear weapon.

Primary Weapon:
Syndicate Airzooka
- Knocks back hit items and mobs. Hit items can deal damage to mobs. Hard countered by magboots.

Something Basic, maybe explosion resistance?
Comes with earplugs (like the planned Headset-Earplug thing)

Atmospheric explosive bag:
Sorium Grenades x2
Plasma Grenades x2
- Practically like oxygen grenades but with less gas and it is plasma
Vacuum Grenades x2
- Sucks all atmos and objects in 3x3 area to detonation point (kind of like LDM but also affects atmos)

Box of Atmospheric Mini-Barriers
Syndicate atmospheric barriers x5
- Tiny items which behave like 5 tile wide atmos-barriers. Once deployed, they can only be disabled by attacking the generator. Also shields from explosions (up to some limit).
Atmospheric Barrier controller x1
- Disables target mini-barrier on hit, allowing you to redeploy it

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