Mentor Application - Azrun
Usual character name: Harry Harry Harry
BYOND username: Azrun
Discord username: Goadster#4906
Recommended by: jan.antilles
Goon servers you play: Classic

Reason for application + game experience:

After being part of the community for about a year I continue to want to give back.  For years I have wanted to design, tinker, and tweak something intended purely for the enjoyment of others and finally Goonstation is the only project I have not bounced off immediately.  I continue to submit pull requests to help try to make this farty space game the best it can be.  Being a mentor is another way I think I can help make this a better farty space game.

A critical part of ensuring fresh faces become familiar faces is onboarding.  One thing that Goonstation does have in spades is complexity.  Regardless of how thorough the documentation we write is, there are always going to be times that individuals need one on one help. There can be a critical window of time where confusion can build to frustration and lead to abandoning this game if they haven’t seen what fun they can have.  I’d like to stand among those that have the ability to make that happen.

Beyond assisting new faces, mentors have the ability to help elucidate mechanics and systems to players in a timely manner.  This helps smooth over hiccups that are often encountered in roleplaying games when the player doesn't know how to do something their character would.  Oftentimes this can be as easy as telling them where to click because the user experience is either new or possibly unintuitive to them.  I once spent an embarrassing amount of time on a floor buffer struggling to disembark but a mentor was there to help me out.

I’d like to think that the contributions I have added to Goonstation have helped add mechanical depth.  To that end I feel like it is only fitting that I play some part in lifting some of the burden from the existing mentor team for any, and all, of the unintuitive and poorly documented mechanics and systems I have been involved in.  With that in mind, I still feel like most of the depth should be teased and a light hand used to guide the subject so they can be the one to really experience what  this game has to offer.

To be fully transparent I think that being a mentor can also help me in my content contributions to Goonstation.  Seeing pain points and patterns can help me adjust how I am conveying information to one of the most important demographics… the people that do not see things the way I do.  I understand that mentor help is neither the time or place for a discussion of why something didn’t make sense but that is information that can help.  Taking those patterns and discussing them with others, especially mentors, would be very beneficial.

Historically I’ve played:

Some of the most fulfilling experiences I have had playing this game is showing people how to set up the engines.  Oftentimes after they have already started… and a couple of times right before the shuttle was called.  It is great knowing that you might be able to impart knowledge on someone to set the groundwork to have fun and contribute to future rounds while teasing the ability to experiment and discover.

Previous bans: None that I am aware of.
Yes, absolutely, in fact put me as a recc too please, lmao. You're always helpful and patient on discord, and you clearly know a lot about the game, and many times I've wished you were around on the mentor channel to help out with answering questions for things that you've implemented or poked at, hehe. :P I can't speak for your ingame presence as I don't play classic much, but from a discord/forum/community side I can only see you being a fantastic mentor! +1 easily. bee
Always polite, always contributing, always willing to code dive and provide knowledge. Absolutely yes.
Haven't seen them in game much but they are really active on discord and constantly helping others with their projects, always very nice too, I can see them being a great mentor. +1
Yessss, finally! I've never had the chance to play with you in game (that I know of....), but you're always super friendly and helpful on Discord, and you have a lot of deep knowledge about some very niche systems that would be a huge resource in mentorhelps!
+1 yes
would be happy to see you mentoring in engine/mech things (and clown things)
While I don't have in-game experience with Azrun on account of us playing on different servers, they're nothing but congenial on the goonstation discord, and clearly have a deep mechanical understanding of many systems in the game, in no small part because they've contributed to those systems one way or another. The engine can be truly mystifying at times, and I'm sure their specialist knowledge would be nothing but helpful. +1.
Incredibly smart and helpful
Easy +1
Azrun cool and good person, big yes
Azrun's super knowledgeable, they have much coder nerd knowledge of DM.
Easy +1
Yeah azrun's a pretty cool guy. Always trolling the #imcoder channel to offer advice, never heard anyone say a bad thing about em. Can't say I've seen how he is in-game but then I haven't played much lately. But IMO people who are pretty chill outside the game on discord are usually also pretty chill inside it. Usually.
Oh yeah hes a good egg and pretty mature too, Yeah.

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