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Goonstation Spooktober Mini-Contest 1: May these scant few words written here
#1 the last you shall ever hear.

But maybe try not to die, 'cause this month, as September's, I mean, April's contest is wrapping up, we're doing things differently for October. Instead of one big contest, we're having four mini-contests, one for, roughly, each week in Spooktober. Because of that, deadlines and entry requirements are going to be a little different from previous formats, so read carefully!

To rouse ourselves up for Spooktober, for this mini-contest, we'll be writing three-sentence, Goonstation-themed horror stories. They're exactly what they say on the tin: they're stories, they belong in the horror genre, they're told in three sentences or less, and they're themed after Goonstation. Here are a few examples that don't fit the Goonstation part but hopefully should give you an idea of what we want.
Quote:"I woke up with a picture of myself sleeping on my phone. I live alone."
Quote:"I have a body of a supermodel. It's in the fridge."
Quote:"I heard my friend Therese screaming for help from the bathroom upstairs, so I was about to run up as fast as I could, but then I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned around, astonished to see that she was next to me this whole time."

Story Guidelines

Besides the basic requirements of being in horror genre, three sentences or less, and Goonstation-themed, there are also a few other simple things to keep in mind.
  • We don't have a minimum or maximum word count, but do use common sense. If your submission is more like six sentences clumped into three long ones, it's fine. If it reads like the opening of A Tale of Two Cities, that's kinda pushing it. If you give us the Bee Movie script but every period has been replaced with a semi-colon so it's technically one sentence...the door is that way.
  • Follow the server rules. You know, don't do/say something bigoted, don't reference sexual stuff, don't metagrudge, etc. I get it, you think the meme's really scary, but we really don't need to read a story about a magic user with the ability to transmogrify male genitalia into oscillating cylinders of semolina-based cuisine.
  • Yes, it can be inspired by a recent round you had.
  • Entries should be about the Goonstation branch of SS13. You know, clowns, spacebees, farts--if you're here, you know what that is, right? More importantly, that means you shouldn't be fictionalizing a spooky Colonial Marines round or making a story about an antag that's not on our servers (like, I don't know, blood cultists)

Deadline & Entry Submission Process

As for the process of actually submitting your entry, it's very simple. Entries should be submitted to this thread as a forum post/reply. Don't need to attach files or make PRs. Multiple submissions are allowed, but only one may be entered as your official entry. Make it clear which one it is.

Entries will be accepted until May OCTOBER 8th, 2021. That's right, you've a week to get yours in. After that, another mini-contest starts, and we'll have a week of voting for this contest by the community going on at the same time.


For this contest, the winners are the, let's say, top six with the most votes. All participants will get a cool medal, and the contest winners will get an even cooler one with shelterbee related content. I know past contests have awarded stickers, but I'm waiting for an update from Gannets regarding stickers (so please don't bother him about it). Also maybe there'll be a surprise?????
"The escape shuttle is en route."
"He bolted himself inside command, thinking it'd keep me out. No one could get in to save him."

This will be my Official entry for the competition.
I called the shuttle after a long and chaotic round in an adventure zone as the research director.
"CentCom has recieved reports of unusual activity on the station. The shuttle has been returned to base as a precaution, and will not be useable."
The Head of Security was late to his shift.. polishing his badge, he stepped out of the shuttle and hopefully into a quiet station.

The radio chorus of "Oh, thank god." immediately told him he was stepping into Hell.
I sat at the bar with a friend enjoying a good schmooze.
Felt a prick on my skin and the world started spinning - did I take booze?
Vision swimming and my friend's face oozing; I fell down for a final snooze.
The Head of Security ordered a lockdown on station. Everyone was to return to their posts until the shuttle arrived. That's strange, I thought as their desiccated body rolled out of a locker.
They sounded happy...
The sounds of squeeks and horn honking down the hall...
but when i turned the corner, all i could see was a puddle of blood...
For sale, clown shoes, never worn.
The blood-soaked medical bay, strewn with dragged corpses and the stench of rot.
To whirring sounds of blending organs and splintering bone, a jaded doctor saws through her seventh skull this shift.
Another freshly ejected clone weakly drops to the cold floor.
The station was in shambles, and I was too. Though I was glad when I got to see my friend again, we couldn't bear being alone.

Now we are one.
The staff assistant was blissfully unaware of the clown walking
squeak squeak squeak
Before the staffie had time to react the clown had already won
Staffie: ''Hey robotocist, can i get some cool robot arms?''
Robotocist: ''Ah sure, just hop on the table.''
You cant remember much what happened after that, but you awake in a new body, with the need to listen to every command.
The Captain pulled the blanket over his head, tightening it around his body.

A voice rattled across the room, and it spoke,

"I'm going to unwrap you like a Christmas present."
A little mouse squeaks audibly behind you! You turn to pick up the cute little mouse to put it in your pocket.

That's funny, you don't remember mentor mice being that shade of pinkish red....

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