Merlin1230 (Bourbon Bob) HoS app
Usual character name: Bourbon Bob, as well as a bunch of one-off characters you may never see again

    BYOND username: Merlin1230

    Discord username (if you are on our discord): Merlin1230#6112

    Recommended by (if applicable): N/A

    Goon servers you play: RP 3 and 4, sometimes I'll play on main, but I've never been sec on there (at least not yet)

    Reason for application:

I enjoy playing security, and security is a role with a lot of power. They can very easily ruin an antag's round. I wish to become HoS to help make sure those antags (and even the crew) have fun while still giving them a challenge, and during the times I play there are still gaps of rounds without a HoS, so I want to fill those gaps. And now with the tide and all the new secoffs (and all the self-antags) I wanna help them all learn and grow up to be HoS one day. And lets be honest, those guns are COOL. Even though in the end I'll probably rarely use them.

    Security experience (300 word minimum):

I don't remember what I was like when I first starting playing security, but to be honest, I was probably not that great. I know I've definitly come a long way in my security exprience and playstyle. I love being security, handing out silly punishments for small and equally silly crimes (like swirlies) and overreacting when they eat that ticket they gave you. I find I can be a bit lenient, but most of the time I think about the crimes they've done, and if whatever I'm doing would ruin their fun. I even let someone keep their pickpocket gun even though they stole my ID and the HoP's ID, but I did make them pinky promise to not steal any more IDs, and to be fair, they didn't steal any IDs when they were doing crime. I've even made it a habit to not search people unless I've actually seen the contraband or the crime relates to them having something on them, like theft. When it comes to arrests, I'm always thinking more about their fun, and I NEVER want to ruin anyone's fun. It would just make me feel bad to know that someone's fun was ruined because of somthing I did. I've done things in the past (not recently, as far as I know) that had people get angry at me, and I don't want anyone to feel angry at anything I do. I want them to be glad that I punish them fairly and allowed them to have fun! Even having contraband is not enough for me to arrest, most of the time I'll ask them what they on using the contraband for then bother them until they get a permit at the HoP's office. I've hadn't really ever had to execute anyone, which is probably a good thing! (all the executions I've had were been done by a HoS). Thats probably cause I've never had the authority, and its only something I can learn by, well, having it, as well as watching others.

    Answer two or more of the following:

        What advice would you give to other sec players?

Never shoot first. Always ask questions, and talk to them before arresting them. No one likes to be sliently arrested, and most criminals will probably be more cooperative if you talk instead of shoot. Who knows, maybe they'll even come up with some silly situation that you just can't help but laugh at and let them be free. Always be thinking of how they feel, and make sure they still have fun!

        Describe any differences in your playstyle when part of a full security team and when being the only security officer.

I am definitly different depending on how many people are in the team. Generally by myself, I'll act and punish the same, but when I'm a part of a bigger team, I find myself taking command, always reminding officers to put their disks and pinpointers on the table, and even giving out punishments to criminals that other people arrest. Of course, I don't take command when there is a HoS, since it is their job.

    Answer one or more of the following fun questions (because it's important for the HoS to be fun):

        Write a poem to convey your thoughts on security/NanoTrasen/space/bees/anything related to SS13.

The criminals gather

in the darkness of the tunnels

what are they planning?

It doesn't matter, for in the end

Justice will find them

        What's a security gimmick that you've ran or wanted to run?

Clown security. And not just the outfit, I want them to all be clumsy too. I want some real wacky clowns trying to arrest people but just stunning and cuffing themselves, while also being silly and cracking jokes. It'd be hilarious.

        Draw a picture!
[Image: G2nNckc.png]

    Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): None, but I have done some bad things. The one that comes off the top of my head was an execution that really shouldn't have happened... I felt very bad, but we did talk it out in LOOC and then an admin afterwords.
Always leads to great RP, I’ve had a lot of positive interactions with them when they were sec and I was not. Saved me from a newer sec off that was trying to kill me with little provocation when I was an antag once.

A permanent +1 from me

My recent interactions with your character as sec or non-sec have been all positive, and your application indicates an understanding of the "concept" behind playing good Security. A definite upvote from myself
I think this is going to be a "hesitant yes" from me. I have a few things to add from personal experience and I'll try not to make it too long winded. I'll start with the negative first, since I like to end on positive notes:

In a very recent round on Goon 4, I was the Captain, and for most of the round, there were only two Sec Assistants, who I assumed were newer players. We had one traitor that poisoned me, but I survived due to one of the Sec Assistants finding me. Said traitor broke into places, set people on fire, had somehow gotten a gun and nearly killed the two sec assistants. He then got access to the bridge, and called us all there to talk, and Bob had just joined near the end of the round. Bob said he would handle it, and as Captain I thought it best to leave it to him. Both myself and the sec assistants informed Bob of all the many crimes he was witnessed doing and the near deaths he had caused. Bob then proceeds to have a calm discussion with the traitor, on the bridge. With all the witness testimony given, I think at least this discussion should have taken place out of a sensitive area, as well as a more guarded posture, given all that happened. During discussion, the traitor set me on fire nearly killing me, which then Bob proceeded to arrest him. What I'm saying here is that might be too lenient. Since I've been getting into security recently, I realize it's a very tough line to walk, and you can easily be accused of "doing nothing" or being too harsh, and you did join the round late. I also realize it could merely be a difference in play style. I hope you don't exactly take this as a criticism, but merely some feedback from the Captain that was terrorized most of the round and trying to do the best for his crew.

Now for the positive. I can say that all of my interactions with Bob have been wonderful, as well as great RP. Knowledgeable, attentive, courteous and respectful is everything you want in an officer and HoS. I think the grounded attitude, professionalism, and coolness under pressure I've seen Bob display would make him great for the job. As someone just trying out the security job, I'd love to shadow someone like Bob to pick up some tips and pointers.

All that said, it's a +1 from me. Also as I said, please don't take the negative part as criticism, but more as feedback. I apologize for the long winded post and hope all this was helpful.
A definite yes for an officer that's always good to interact with. From all my shifts with you in em as security, not once have i seen you be overly punitive, instead you always seek interaction and RP out of situations. Great officer, communicates with the team a lot, is quick to respond to situations and always plays along. Would make a great HoS. +1 for me.
I would normally do an edit, but I wanted to post a small update. As of a round I took part of today, I rolled Sec. Since I've been looking for advice from more experienced officers, I sought Bob out and he gave me very detailed information about proper escalation. This was very helpful to me. With all the influx of new players, I do think there needs to be a firm, but fair guiding hand for the sec department, and Bob stepped up to the plate. In my opinion, we need folks in a sec leadership role like Bob. This advice to me was invaluable, and I hope others see and take heed of that. I am changing my hesitant plus one to a firm and strong plus one, as I feel Bob would only benefit and very much help others new to sec, as well as teach some old hands a new trick or two.
I've noticed Bob a lot as captain and generally fun to be around. That said I don't see them as security often enough to have an opinion of them as a security player. I hope that changes when I have time to play the game again.
Bob is a very good officer overall and a good leader. He is fair and calm. I think the only thing he could improve is to delegate more duty to his coworkers, as he tend to be very proactive, but I think being HoS would help him improve that.

+1 for me
Played with him recently, good head on his shoulders. Communicated, and was fair in his punishments and wasnt harsh at all, can tell this guys a keeper. +1

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