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Chairflipping and combat timers
There is an issue with chairflipping at the moment.

Deploying a chair, climbing on a chair, and flipping off a chair, are all on seperate timers. You can do all 3 in the space of a tenth of a second and instantly knockdown for (longer than you) about 2s.

How reasonable is it to think that someone can deploy a folding chair, climb up onto said chair, and flip off of it into someone in the space of a tenth of a second?

There needs to be a delay at some point in the equation, be it giving deploying chairs a .5s action time, or making a combat timer delay on climbing on chairs, and chairflipping,. Its really not interesting for newer security players to have someone stand beside you with a chair in their hand shoving you waiting for you to pull out a baton to retalliate to then have it removed from you in under a second because larry robust knows his keybinds.

Also, how can a man stood on a chair move it around? moving in unsecured chairs, be it wheely chairs or unscrewed normal chairs, should need you to be help-buckled rather than flip buckled. You can scoot wih your feet whilst sat on a chair, but you cant really move a chair by yourself whilst stood with both feet on it, can you?
better idea imo: remove chairflipping and make it so if you try you kick yourself in the face and get knocked out for 69 seconds
if anything gets a delay it should prob be the chair unfolding step - adding delay anywhere else would make standard chairflip setups feel worse
(09-30-2021, 11:20 AM)mbc Wrote: if anything gets a delay it should prob be the chair unfolding step

agree. Chair unfolding should be a one-second or less delay I think
Make security immune to chairflips again.
Aside from a deploy timer, I feel like trying to scoot a chair you're standing on should make you flop off.
strong strong STRONG disagree, chairflips are one of the only good ways to disarm sec if they're using battons. Aside from that its a attack that if dodged can be severely punished if it misses. It helps level the playing field between sec and players in one on one scuffles, and makes for interesting gameplay if there has to be a scramble between two for equipment. Is it realistic? no. But alot of things in this game aren't, and it makes the gameplay more interesting.
gonna agree with unsolved here, the baton is already very very powerful so i think it's fair to give the crew options to counter it.. (chairflips, combat defib, tableslamming)

there's a way to avoid chairflipping and other tactics -- attack from range, and use your taser instead of rushing towards someone who could potentially disarm you in a moment
Honestly, i'm split because chair flipping is pretty obnoxious because of... a small minority of people, like many features, unfortunately. But at the same time, the baton will drop you in two hits for a 15 second stun. That's not even including disorient, the reason the baton is so crazy. Disorient is like inCREDIBLY reliable, and almost guarantees the second hit. I would like it if setting up chairs had a short delay on it, I guess? Stops the immediate chairflip in response to taking anything out, at least not without visual signs of something happening.
I love chairflipping. I love chairflipping others and being chairflipped.

Anyone conscious of it knows to avoid chairs.
Nothing quite like being a new officer and having a crewmember slam into you, disarming your weapon. Lesson learned.

I don't think the people who can quickly Deploy, mount and Flip from a chair within the span of a few seconds are a problem. Why? Just dodge it.
They have a 5 second stun now. Enjoy.
They haven't been a problem and are unlikely to be.

It's just too useful, too much fun, It feels good.
+1 put placing down the chair on a timer, holding chairs around to get sec is too cheap and easy.
no way its fine the way it is. its not that strong, and it has a very very big risk for a not very big reward. if you get rid of chairflipping, whats left of combat?
I think the best solution out of those proposed is to add a short actionbar to unfolding chairs so that you can't do it instantly without some readily visible telegraphing

In case you're one of the people who have no idea why this is being discussed:

mlg tutorial there

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