Head of Security Application for Slithers
Usual Character Name: Slithers And Slides
BYOND Username: Tiresoup
Recommended By: Ftlaudeye, Hauntmachine, Telareti, Wubbo, Amazingdragons
Goon Servers You Play: Goon 3 (Primary Roleplay) and occasionally Goon 4 (Roleplay Overflow)

Reason for Application: Security has a massive effect on both the crew and antagonists. They are also some of the most frequent people to interact with crew members’ roleplay, and are trusted with a lot. It’s important to ensure security won’t be too rough on an antagonist, and that they are staying calm and level headed.

The Head of Security also serves a key role in teaching security members in my eyes. They’re the ones security personnel look up to from day one, and their judgement is trusted. Having a head of security on the team can help coordinate officers, and help teach those who need help, especially critical during these higher population rounds.

Security Experience: 

It began a long time ago, back in roughly November 2020. I started out as security officer on Server one, learning the ropes. At first, I was rather unfair, and took my job too harshly. Slowly, I began to learn how to get the feel of the job, and understand the community. I played security for quite a bit, learning as I went along.

I took a brief break for a bit, and began to play more security. I’ve recently been experiencing more high population rounds on roleplay with the tomato tide, and found lots of new opportunities to have fun with antagonists, crew, and security.

As for my playstyle, I cannot stress how vital it is to use your words, and to talk before you shoot. All too often I’ve seen an officer immediately run to tase someone for breaking and entering, or wordlessly grab a person out of sec and throw them out the door. The crew aren’t your enemies, it’s your duty to keep them safe, not keep yourself safe from them

It’s also important to consider the way the crew perceive you. An officer running around holding a baton, in full armor, covered in blood is not nearly as approachable as a calm and collected person, in a casual uniform. Nobody likes the supercop that shuts down antagonists rounds.

When dealing with a repeat offender, I take into account the following things

  1. [font=Verdana]What did they do?[/font]
  2. [font=Verdana]How many times did they do it?[/font]
  3. [font=Verdana]Are they being resistant, or compliant with you?[/font]
I oftentimes find it useful to issue strikes to them, and warn them when they are approaching more capital punishment. Theres many options I prefer to use over brig times, such as rehabilitation, ticketing, fining, a stern talking to, and the likes. Brig time should not be your first option in most cases. Borging, execution, and exile are last resort cases, choose your use of them carefully, the antagonists round is in your hands. It’s also important to adapt your processing depending on what a person did- You don’t need to search a person if they got into a fist fight at the bar.

Being communicative has always been a priority for me. Just a simple “I’m heading out on patrol” will suffice, as keeping your team in the loop and informed is critical to a well-performing security team. It’s of great importance to say when and why you’re setting a person to arrest, if you’re responding to a call, arresting someone, or even if you’re just announcing your location and status.

What advice would you give to other sec players?:

  • [font=Verdana]Talk to a person if you plan on arresting or questioning them, it’s poor form to run and baton anyone on arrest, or grab a person and silently drag them to interro. [/font]
  • [font=Verdana]Talk to your team. Keep in contact with your team, be it via PDA or radio. It’s vital to ensure your team is informed and connected, and even the most simple of reports can go a long way. Highlighting the string “135.9” is very helpful for making sure you never miss what your coworkers are saying. [/font]
  • [font=Verdana]Be reasonable. Don’t go after people for being an antag, go after people for committing a crime. You shouldn’t be executing for assault with a deadly weapon, or borg for breaking a window. Similarly respond accordingly on scene. If a person is shooting at people, feel free to use force quickly, but if there’s for example, a fight, a baton is not the first response needed.[/font]

Describe any differences in your playstyle when part of a full security team and when being the only security officer:

As a lone security officer, I tend to focus on primarily the major and critical calls, not really focus on more minor or domestic crimes. As part of a team, I often take more breaks, and give calls a second over sec radio before I take them, so as to allow more officers to get a chance to take one.

What’s a gimmick you’ve always wanted to run?:

I’ve always wanted to give all crew cars, and security the gangs mode patrol cars. Paint traffic lines around the halls, and have security do traffic enforcement. The image of a security officer ticketing a clown in a clown car for reckless driving is certainly a wonderful one.
Previous Bans: 8/18/2021: Self Requested Antagonist Ban From Ley

Uhh not sure what's going on with the whole font thing next to my bullet points, I don't know anything about markdown. Mysterious happenings!

Slithers has always been an incredibly reliable member of sec whenever I've played with her on the RP server, the sort of person who I am very relieved to see on sec whenever I'm on HoS because I know she'll be someone I can depend and lean on. You always treat crew and antags alike fairly and without being overbearing in the slightest, and are good at keeping your cool and prioritizing. I think you will be an excellent HoS.
Slithers is a good member of security, I haven't had any negative experiences with them, and they're very reliable. I'd love to see you around as HoS!

Slithers is always a pleasure to work with as sec, making constant and full use of the radio when she can, reporting any action she takes and crimes she witnesses to the rest of the team, and always being reliable and fair to antags and the crew alike.

Of particular note is her use of methods other than the brig; interrogation room, ticketing, or a simple talking to, all of which provide a much more enjoyable round for the antagonists, giving them a chance to RP with sec, rather than being put into the brig and forgot about; leading by example for all of the new officers brought in by the Tomato tide.

I look forward to seeing you as HoS in future shifts.

I worked with Slithers a few times now, and was with them last night during two hellish shifts, they were super reliable and a great teammate. Would love to serve as a sec officer under HoS Slithers and Slides!

Slithers is a consistently impressive security member whether they are security assistant or security officer. She understands what it means to play on RP as security when it comes to antags and not just squashing anything they do. She also is a generally fun person to be around in game and in Discord.
An application I've been waiting for forever!  This is definitely the easiest +1 I could give. 

     Slithers always performs exceptionally well in security, and really, any role they play.  They always keep a cool and level head in all kinds of situations and help to inspire and coordinate the security team regardless of the situation.  Their communication in security is phenomenal and never fails to impress.  They always make sure crimers are treated fairly and appropriately given any situation they might find themselves in.  They take the time to teach any new members to security their role and how to perform it in a very nice and respectful manor.  I can for sure trust Slithers with HoS because they have countless experience in endless situations and always performs to the best of their ability.

cool officer, funny, thoughtful, thorough.
+1!!! Wonderful officer, and a super positive presence.

Slithers is always a great officer to see and RP with, when i see them as security they handle things in a fun way for the antags and crew and always adds to the RP and the shift. they have lots of experience in security and i feel they would do great job teaching the new officers and showing them how to process and deal with antags in a way that would add to the shift. they perform well under stressful shifts when there are lots of situations coming up and would be a great leader for security to look up to!
If the words of a old engineer matter much, Slithers is a great Lad +1

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