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Cluwnespider banned by unknown
My IRC/Discord Username: Gore#8342 / Cluwnespider
Date and time of the ban: Yesterday 6:26PM.
Who banned me: Unknown.
Message given in the kick, if present: You were banned from Goonstation | The admin team has agreed that it is in our best interest to ban you from the Goon Discord. Do not DM any admins about this - this ban will not be lifted.
Summary of events leading up to the ban: Since my permaban on the servers a few months back I have been mostly distancing myself from the GOON Discord as well. I have not had many interactions with folks until the last week really. During that time I had not gotten into a fights or fuzzes with anybody. I have been actively answering questions of folks in the #imquestion channel and to be frank; I know I have been a problematic person in the past...but this ban came out of nowhere.
Why I should be unbanned: I would greatly appreciate if anybody would bother to confirm the chain of events of mine as stated above and re-evalute. At the very least I would find it comforting to find out why I have been banned from generally interacting with the community...whilst I have tried to be better.

Critique of the past included me conducting meta-grudges after a round continousely in Discord...but that behavior has seiced and there has not been a hint of it returning in the last few weeks. If you simply dislike me as a person...I get that; I just want to show that I can change and I had hoped presenting myself as somebody willing to help others out would show that I got the will to achieve that.
Given the admin team's response to your ban appeal, we see no reason that you need to be on our discord server.
Would you be so kind as to elaborate what I did to mess up now?
I have honestly displayed nothing but positive vibes throughout the last two weeks on Discord.

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