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Lifted MrJustin banned by CaptainBravo
Who banned you?: CaptainBravo
Byond Key: MrJustin
Discord Username: -
Date of Ban: April 2021
Specified Reason for Ban:  A bunch of "dindu nothin" "jokes" including all the bits about "HE WAS A GOOD BOY". Get the fuck out of here with this.
Ban Length: permanent ban
What led to the ban?: I wrote an over-lengthy detail of what happened on my last appeal that got denied, but the Reason for Ban sums it up pretty well: I said, "Ayo he dindu nothin" and "HE WAS A GOOD BOY" to a security officer arresting a guy and got banned a minute or two after.
Why am I appealing?: Looking back on this, reading the rules, thinking about it, I now realize what I said not only broke rules but was inappropriate/out of place for the game and this community, even if there was no malicious intent behind it on my part. I apologize, and from here on out, I won't say any racist shit like this. I would just like to put this in my past, Goon is one of the more unique codebases, I love it for this reason. It's been almost half a year since I last played and I can safely say no other ss13 server comes close to the experience I get when playing Goonstation. I'll behave, I just want to be able play again. 
Which rule did you break?: Rule #4: Bigotry
Evasion Attempts: None.
Understand that though you are being unbanned, your first appeal was quite frankly awful and still instills in me the feeling that we're probably going to be back here at some point.

If you feel like proving me wrong you can do it by researching every "meme" you feel like copying on our servers ahead of time and keeping racist garbage out of your repertoire.
Sorry for the delayed response, I've been quite busy the last few days.

That is certainly understandable, and I agree that that ban appeal was objectively awful, absolutely no thought was put into it, I was practically making an appeal to just make an appeal, thinking that would alone get me unbanned. If I had a time machine, I would go back and rewrite it. The major error I made was I tried defending it from the frame of mind I had at the time, and the lack of malice I had at the moment, to you this showed a lack of repentance. I should've made it much more clear that when I was writing this I felt what I had done was regrettable, also I should've been knowledgeable on the fact that this goes against the rules and that I wouldn't be repeating anything like this.

In the last 5 or so months since this incident occurred, I have changed very much as an ss13 player and, in general, as a person. I can say with great deal of confidence, I do not think we will be meeting here anytime in the near future. I will certainly try my hardest to follow the rules, stay out of trouble, so that everyone may have the chance to enjoy the game. I am delighted to soon be able to play on Goonstation once more. Thank you for your time.

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