Mentor Application - Soldat/Soldat778
Usual character name: Allbad Manuel, Zelman Parr, Jeratine Thiru, Maxim Lemonir
BYOND username: Soldat778
Discord username (if you are on our discord): Soldat

Recommended by (if applicable):
Goon servers you play: Morty, Sylvester

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum): Recently, I've started wanting to help people more often, and as far as I know this would also be a great means of getting to meet other people in the community as well as discovering things that I might otherwise not quite know existed. 

As for my game experience, I've played a decent amount of time as Construction Worker when it was still around, and I still occasionally go Staff Assistant and ask for a Construction Worker kit to build things. 

Regarding other jobs, I've kept a bit away from Head jobs, excepting Medical Director, which I have played a few times. For the other Medical Bay occupations, I play primarily Medical Doctor, but every now and then I will go Roboticist. I've played Geneticist just enough to know how it functions, but steered a little bit away from it unless I have nothing better to do.

Engineering is somewhat well-known to me. I've played Engineer numerous times, though not quite often as some other jobs, and I know how to repair breaches, get all the types of power generation functioning, and as for the TEG I am acquainted with char-burns and basic oxygen-plasma burns, but otherwise I need to figure out how materials affect that engine. I haven't played Mechanic excepting one or two occasions as far as my memory goes, but I did spend quite some time utterly infatuated with Quartermaster, for which I made a very basic form for that never went used. I am familiar with Miner as well, though I'm not nearly as quick with it as many others are, often spending as much time on the Quantum Telescope as I am actually mining.

I've played enough Security to know what's wrong and what's right, though I feel I may be a bit unprepared for grey-area scenarios. As for actually playing Security Officer and Security Assistant, I generally try to keep a laid-back attitude, and keep the seriousness for when it's needed. I recall giving numerous people second-chances, unless they were responsible for heinous crimes, but otherwise I would let them off with a verbal warning. While not quite relevant to actual performance as Security staff, I will say I have accompanied one or two war crimes in the form of swirlies. I will say that I have not played Detective in a lengthy amount of time.

Civilian jobs have been my favorite. Recently, my most favorite has been Chaplain as Allbad Manuel, namely due to the roleplay opportunities it could bring. In the past, I've enjoyed Bartender a lot (beaker bombs, salted glasses, and fruit slices included), as well as Botanist, Janitor, and Chef. I have played Clown before, though as far as I recall almost all of that shenaniganry was limited to one or two others, such as me as the Clown partnering with the Mime; most of my interactions would be limited to furthering a plot between that Mime and I.

The antagonist jobs I have played are:
  • Wraith once. The round beforehand was very convenient in that it gave me the ability to make a sequel to a plot where another player and I ended up getting in the boxing ring for melee combat. I lost, and that Wraith round I managed to use as an opportunity to "come back from the grave" to harass that person again. I never killed them, but I managed to get a hold of a Revenant to beat them to critical/near critical health before throwing them into Medical.
  • Changeling a lot. By far my favorite, Changeling has had some really good events, but some equal bad too. First time I played Changeling it wasn't great, but by now I have gotten further than that and, I have managed to improve significantly. As far as I know, I actually managed to spook quite a few people in the past, but otherwise some people didn't quite take being stung well, and I ended up making them leave the game, something I'm not proud of.
  • Traitor a few times. I can't remember enough of my Traitor gameplay to have a good say, but I will say that I bought a sleepypen to put down someone who was not RPing great, something I didn't regret when their screen went blurry and they immediately screamed "MEDBAY LING". I ended up tossing them into a watery abyss after LOOC reminding them that what they did beforehand was generally uncool, in a manner that wasn't kind but wasn't absolutely horrible either. I ended up handing in my sleepypen after confessing to murder to Security, and even outright offered Security assistance. That's all I remember from that round, though.
  • Conspirator twice. While I've technically had it more than twice, those times weren't great since they were on very lowpop, with three people, or when my conspirator friend had disconnected. All of the Conspirator rounds I've been in that weren't on extreme low populations or had multiple active Conspirators didn't often go great, as I'd frequently die early to something unfortunate. In one notable instance, I went down to a bunch of barreled monkeys after I had been informed that they wouldn't target other Conspirators by an ally. They were unfortunately incorrect.
  • Vampire only properly once or twice, as far as I remember. Unfortunately suffering from the same problems I've had with Conspirator, many times I got Vampire it would be on low populations or with nobody else on, and I was also one of the incredibly unfortunate souls who got Vampire... as I spawned as Chaplain. This would've been an absolutely amazing plotline, to be fair, if that also didn't occur on a lonely station.
I don't recall playing any other antagonists than these above.

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will):
+1. Soldat was a huge help in both teaching me (and at least showing interest in wanting to show someone else) how to play, but also seems to have good knowledge on several things ingame. IMO, I think he’s a good fit for being a help to others as well.
cool person, a great player with lots of patience and creativity. is a constant positive both in-game and discord whenever i have the fortune of running into them
Soldat is a great player, and I've seen them go out of their way to be helpful to new people. They were also one of the first people to engage with me when I was a new player myself, and are one of the reasons I stuck with Goonstation in the first place! I think they'd be a great Mentor and would continue to be a great representation of Goon RP to all the new folks we have around!
+1 Always very friendly.
For sure. Friendly both ingame and on discord, I have no doubt that they'd represent Goon well, and be consistently helpful.

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