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Application for the biggest clown on station, Head Of Security.
Usual character name: Rena Celeste[/b]
BYOND username: Eagletanker
Discord username (if you are on our discord): Eagletanker 
Recommended by (if applicable): none
Goon servers you play: 1&3
Reason for application: As head of security I can be the clown the station needs. Already, each and every day, we have a lot of HoS clowns, who choose to go HoS to be laughed at and to eat donuts. I would like to join those ranks and be more of a clown than I already am.

Security experience (300 word minimum):
1 2 skip a few 300 words
Answer two or more of the following:

What advice would you give to other sec players? Chill, eat donuts, station doesn’t matter unless it effects security, remember, we are here to make sure there’s not a strike and to protect form external threats, so we should be fine if we don’t do anything.
What was one of your favorite security moments? (Either playing as a sec officer or interacting with one) I love eating donuts[/size][/color]
What game improvements or changes do you think would benefit security players? Give security players more donuts, and clown outfits. Cause they are clowns. I mean look at that horrible fashion sense 
Describe any differences in your playstyle when part of a full security team and when being the only security officer.  There isn’t any, I just sit a round and eat donuts like a good security clown
Answer one or more of the following fun questions (because it's important for the HoS to be fun):

What's a security gimmick that you've ran or wanted to run? Clown Security! Duh! We just eat donuts and throw pies!

I do hope you consider my clown application, as I believe we can have bigger, better things for the biggest clowns of the station, and their proud leader, head of security

For legal purposes I do have to clarify that this is my clown application. The joke is it’s a head of security application instead of a clown app because they are massive clowns (I don’t mean it HoSes can be more than clowns, you guys are cool)
+1 HoSes are truly all clowns
+1 for the Head of Shenanigans
approve this
A+ application.
They'll really give those donuts that banana flavour. +-(-1)
-1, this is for your own safety, all security sees red when they spot a clown and will kill you on sight.

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