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[MERGED PR] QM Special Orders - Minor Event
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[feature][balance][input wanted][help wanted]
About the PR
Adds a new type of Minor Event: Special Orders

Requests/Requisitions are sent to Cargo. They must then be performed/packed and then shipped off. Individual goods are sold for market value and if an open request has been fulfilled a bonus is added.


Admin Info:
Event is a minor event allowing for Customization to specific the specific request to make.

Types of Requests Supported:
- Commodities
- A list of commodities are listed and checked against, this allows to use the existing commodity system to strict/non-strict type checking.
- Chef
- Procedural generated orders are made choosing a number of different items for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, or Snack are selected with a quantity depending on the meal. Strictly typed.
- Reagents
- A request for a list of reagents and quantities. Reagents are listed by reagent id (This will likely need to be updated in the future to allow for correct usage of `` vs ``)
- Surgery
- An _individual_ is sent to have some action performed on them.

Requests added as part of PR:
- Commodities
- Pizza Party and Pizza Party NT: A request for 20 pizzas!
- Weed Flight: Request for 1 Megaweed, 1 White Weed, 1 Omegaweed, and 1 Pizza
- Chef
- Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner: Request for 3-6 Breakfast items
- Reagents
- Blood - Request for a large volume of B̷̤͋͐̔̕l̵̨͕̺̠̞̣̀̌͌̚͝ǫ̷́̈́̅õ̷͉̞͆d̷̫͈̫̅̊
- Surgery
- Organ Swap - A _"training exercise"_ to replace number of organs on a _"cadaver"_. Checks that an unspecified list (organs are damage so they can be identified) of organs have been replaced with organs that are not theirs.

Why's this needed?
Inter-department cooperation by giving achievable goals to various departments. Goals are intended to strengthen game knowledge and mechanics while also providing some challenge and levity.


(*)Special Order events added. Help your QMs make some money today.

Although I cant speak to the balance of how hard the requests would be, what a fun idea and way to get people to work together! I really like this.
Let me know if there are other types of requests that should be added in the future!  Preferably things that are mechanically interesting and/or fun to do for various departments.

Current shortlist for possible future PRs
- Party Kit (Goofy collection of items and confetti pipebombs)
- BANANAS (like 2-40 bananas...)
- Jewelry (handful of specific gems)
- Drink Orders (like the Chef request but for DRINKS!)
- Freedom Force (handful of "Sec" gear for uh... outfitting a small outpost/gorilla-faction)
- Gas Mixtures (this would require a lot of extra stuff unless it ended up in smaller tanks...)
What about one for robotics? They're always looking for something to do as a department, maybe a monkey with specific borg parts attached, or specific borg shells?
I feel like it could be a general part of cargo rather than occupying a random event slot.
Like the idea itself though.

As a disclaimer not a statement by the development team, just personal opinions.
This seems lovely but please have one that requires industrial amounts of meth (like 1000u or something like that)
The payouts for the chef one (2k) and the surgery one (5k) seem really low considering these can be the ones that take the most time, 2k or 5k is barely any cash in terms of cargo payouts. Get that for the chef one it makes sense in a realism sense (not in a game design sense) cause its just some food, however just stipulate that a wealthy buyer wants to try high quality space cuisine or something like that to justify the high payout.
I suggest each unique request that cargo gets from this also has its own unique reward.

Your image as an example wants Weed and Pizza. Thats a combination of Botany and the Kitchen (Make sure it isn't just soft soft pizza or a vending machine pizza).

I'd say give cargo a budget reward, give Botany some actually unique strange seeds, nothing found in debris, something from a unique list for new plants. Give the Chef some special food that gives... unique buffs. Maybe gives a long lasting health and healing buff, or some strange but not debilitating debuff for a certain period of time (Alien cuisine, quirky.)

Just straight cash rewards to the other departments isn't that great.

Robotics - Unique Robotic limbs, perhaps something from the silicon precursor race, also unique powerful Cybernetic organs.
Engineering - Super dense materials to empower the Singularity, an artifact that emits Agent B gas for the TEG chamber, a super SMES unit that charges past 200kW.
Bartender - An on use item that changes the alcohol dispenser so it adds alien booze to the dispenser?

Dunno, ideas outside of money as rewards.

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