Mentor Application - cyberTripping/Vaskritaya
Usual character name: Casey Batts, Bignose (clown), Feyrouz Shafiq
BYOND username: CyberTripping
Discord username: Vaskritaya#8010
Recommended by: Flourish
Goon servers you play: Morty, occasionally Sylvester

Reason for application + game experience:
I have been considering applying for a while now, and have considered it several times in the past, but only decided to properly take the plunge due to prodding from Flourish several days ago. My reasons for applying are pretty clean-cut: I've noticed a constant influx of new players during my recent time playing, and it turns out it's pretty fun to help out some fresh-off-the-boat staffie. We're only going to see more and more new players due to the recent activity on Nightshade, too, along the general popularizing of the game. If I'm made Mentor, I'll be able to help out with a greater efficiency and scope, assisting with mhelps while in-game or while chatting on discord, or potentially helping as a mentor mouse when I otherwise would have just become a ghost critter.

My gameplay experience is quite broad at this point, I'd say. I have played this game on and off since late 2015, but I very certainly have not interacted with the game on a deeper level than I have during my recent bout of playing, over the past several months. I have up-to-date experience with every job on the selection screen, and while there are some that I am less intimate with (mechanic comes to mind, due to a lack of creativity on my part), I don't think there are any fields at this point that I don't have a degree of familiarity with, sans Pathology for obvious reasons. Additionally, I have experience with systems that are often considered daunting, such as telescience and TermOS, and frequently tend to pick up on obscure mechanics through my time in the discord questions channel, or that I've just accumulated due to how long I've played.

While it's not strictly gameplay experience, I've also become familiar with checking the code for answers to things I don't know. This has helped me several times in the questions channel, and would definitely be a skill I could employ in the mentor channel as well.

Previous bans: I have no previous bans.
I've seen CyberTripping teaching new players about the game a bunch. She's also just a welcoming and positive presence on the RP servers in general. I think she'd make a great mentor!
I'm a relatively new player, (around a bit past the month mark I think), and I play exclusively on Morty. In my first few shifts when I barely had an idea of how to walk around, much less do anything, cyberTripping as Officer Batts was a godsend. Through the rounds, she directed me to many points on the station I couldn't find, and was able to give me enough in character context to where I could manage other things. From that point, I knew if I didn't know how to do or find something, if I could find Casey, I'd have an answer.
I haven't had much interaction with Feyrouz, but with the others, especially Casey, I've had a wonderful time RPing with them and they certainly enhance my round. In all cases, either RP or helping me with something, cyber has always been patient, courteous, respectful, and would always ask me if I needed help with anything else. I think her attitude and demeanor are exactly what is needed in a mentor, so that's a hearty +1 from me.
Regular for a long time, knows a lot about the game, loves the game, hell, she's got my recc [Image: cheerdoge.001.png]
Easy yes from me, extremely welcoming and pleasant to talk with, both ingame and on the discord. Helpful and patient when explaining things to someone looking for help, exactly the kind of person I'd like to see as a mentor!
I've only felt positive and helpful vibes from Vask. Good future mentor in my opinion!
Had nothing but good experiences with em both ingame and on discord, and I've seen them be very helpful and friendly while observing. Also very chill about being roped into wacky things, ahaha. I'd love to see them as mentor. :)
Extremely friendly, very welcoming and helpful Would make an excellent mentor in my opinion.
cool to interact with, always a joy and one of the first few ppl i ran into here that made me wanna be part of the community around the game, not just the game alone. +1

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