Complaint Emily, Goonstation RP server 3 - 9/9/2021
sad greater domestic space-bee Hey, so this was like thirty or so minutes ago. A round had started on goonstation and I was a young scientist. so full of hope. Anyway, there was an angel called a seraphem(it was an admin playing as them). They were doing that angel business with that "be not afraid" stuff. I had roleplayed a scientist trying to get blood from the seraphem so I could inject it into myself for mad scientist ideas. They threw my around a few times when I asked them to borrow some blood. A couple minutes later I had changed my ID to be a chaplain so I be an athiest chaplain. I walked to chapel and when I told the seraphem "god wasn't real" i was evaporated.

No brain, nothing except whatever i was wearing. I was just dead, and they killed me on the spot. That annoyed me quite a bit. I came back after waiting for the respawn timer, and decided to roleplay as someone trying to avenge my friend(who I previously played as) who got fuckin snapped out of existence. I was gonna try to do a gaining faith again type of rp before the shuttle arrived, but instead I fuckin got evaporated once more. 

The shuttle wait was twelve minutes after it had already left. I ahelped, but I mean I got a limp sorry.
First,  I already apologized. I don't know what you want from me.

Second,  and this is specifically about you respawning as a new character with the intent to avenge yourself,  please read rp rule 13

[Image: Screenshot_20210909-220647_Samsung_Internet.jpg]
Look what I want is to just make a complaint, because that round kind of sucked for me due to this. 
I wasn't using any previous knowledge other than the fact that a crewmate died. I was upset my previous character died so I wanted to at least have another character come to terms with that because the round was already nearly ended. It was an entirely new person, new first name last name haircut, everything. I knew you were invulnerable, because I mean- you were an angel and already had telepathic powers to throw me around. I didn't really think I could avenge myself to a being that already popped me like a balloon. I just wanted to roleplay another person becoming fine with the fact you popped me so unceremoniously. I was hoping you'd try to talk to me while I bashed you to no effect. Yet instead, you popped me again. That's pretty much it.

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